Can snagit join two video captures together to make 1 video clip?




  • stephensterry853
    You cannot join videos using SnagIt.

    However, you could save the videos and play them back on your desktop while re-recording them with SnagIt. Then trim out the unwanted parts.
    It's not ideal but it works.

    Regards, Joe
  • My Secret EA
    That's an awkward fix, but thanks for the advice. I might try to find yet another program to join videos, argh!
  • Rickstone1975
    If you have Windows 7, you might be able to use Windows Movie Maker to combine them.
  • Ed Wawrzyniak
    Can they be joined or combined easier in the 2020 version?

  • My Secret EA
    I found the Video Editor on YouTube (where my videos are going) has a simple tool to solve this.

    Thanks all - problem solved.
  • Rickstone1975
    There is no way to just join them, no. But if you are happy with a smaller sized video as the result, you can get there.

    Record two or more videos using SnagIt. Be sure to "edit" them so they are ready. They should appear at the bottom in the Recents tray. 

    Once you have all the videos you want to join in the tray, fire up the Main SnagIt capture window. Then click File > Capture Preferences... to see the Capture Preferences dialog. 

    Now click the Capture tab and clear the check box next to Hide Snagit when capturing.

    Click OK to dismiss the dialog.

    Now configure the SnagIt editor for maximum real estate by hiding the Properties and the Effects areas as well as collapsing the Recents tray if it is shown.

    Now you will be able to choose the SnagIt editor where the videos are presented when you edit them in SnagIt. So you choose the area you want and click the button to begin recording. You record playing the videos back in the SnagIt editor. So you click the first video you want in the Recents tray, collapse the Recents tray if you need to, then play the video in the SnagIt editor. When it stops, back to the Recents tray, collapse if needed, then play again. 

    After you have finished you will have one long video that appears as if the videos have been joined. Although, in reality, you may need to edit that longer video to remove segments where unwanted artifacts appear. If you were collapsing the Recents tray and clicking to play.

    Note that using this method would also allow for Recording a Title and End Credits images. You would just have them available from the Recents tray and click to reveal them during the recording process.

    Kind of a long way around, but it should work.

    Cheers... Rick :)
  • Ed Wawrzyniak
    Thank you for taking the time to reply with a workaround. Think I'll try a free app like MP4Joiner. 
  • Willie
    If you have Quicktime on your computer it's pretty easy to combine videos. 
    1. Open one of the videos in QuickTime
    2. Drag-and-drop the second video into the QuickTime video player
    3. Place the second video in front or behind the first one
    4. Click Save
    Quicktime is available for both Mac and Windows.
  • Laura_Swash

    Thank you so much - this was very helpful!

  • Willie

    I have a correction to make to my suggestion of using Quicktime. I should work if you have a Mac, but I've since realized that the Windows version doesn't include the feature I described above. Though I have found another workaround using the Windows app, Photos. Yes, Photos, I know what it sounds like but the application also includes simple video editing. These are the steps I take:

    1. From Snagit, I save the videos to my computer. I  save them to the Snagit folder in the Documents folder.
    2. Open the Photos application and click the "New Video Project" option from the "New Video" pull-down button.
    3. Then I import my saved video files by selecting "From this PC" of the "+ Add" pull-down button in the top-left Project Library panel.
    4.  After the files are imported I drag them down to the Storyboard panel in the order I want them then click the "Finish video" button in the top-right corner. I generally do make any edits to the videos in this app, but you can.
    5. I leave all the default export settings and save the new file. 
    6. After the file has finished exporting, this can take a few minutes, I open the file in Snagit and from there I can make any additional edits and share the file via Screencast. 

    I hope this was helpful. It's been extremely useful to me. 

  • Howardg Ctr

    Thanks for this post, I suggested it to SnagIt as an overlooked feature (along with a few other suggestions to make this product all in one and competitive eliminating the need for other workarounds and/or third party apps. Not sure how the feature review consideration process is but hopefully if enough folks (end users like us) find it valuable and their devs are able to implement it, it would be a great value add! Since this app is not freeware and costs $$, we expect innovations and hopefully releases that address these most wanted/needed features.

  • Tino


    Thanks for posting this. I was also trying to do the same thing.

  • red

    . . . or use TechSmiths's Camtasia.  I understand where you're coming from tho, I too was looking for a quick a easy fix without having to go thro Camtasia (esp since you can cut pieces of video out very quickly using Snagit)


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