Is Sangit available for iPad version

Not planned



  • Robert R.
    Hi there!

    Unfortunately Snagit is not available for iPad, though we do have Fuse, which is a free app that can take you iOS screenshots/pictures/videos and send them to Snagit. You can read up on Fuse at
  • Victor
    Bring Snagit to ipad Pro
  • Yip_L_Fun
    I agree.  I have been waiting for something similar that I can use on iPad Pro.
  • LynneFord
    Me too
  • rodduncan
    Me too
  • Denzil Maple
    bring it now what are you waiting for
  • Arne
    Yes. Please. The thing is that I am Screenshotting really a lot with Snagit and quite often on the go I would really need to take a kook at some screenshots I have previously taken on the computer. So my ideal solution would be that Snagit simply saves the images on a folder in iCloud, and the iPad/iPhone version of Snagit simply connects to the same folder. This way I could finally do, what I always wanted: 1. Take Screenshots on the computer and then 2. while I am working on the iPad on the go simply being able to continue to work on these Screenshot.

    Now a first step towards this direction would at least be to have some sort of viewer - so I could at least view the Snagit taken screenshots on the go .. but of course I am hoping for a full featured iPad version.
  • Rickstone1975
    I'm not sure if this is something that is planned to be in the works, but TechSmith is working on a replacement for their Jing product. I understand it's called "Capture".

    Perhaps part of that offering will be to allow it to install and run on iPad devices? I've never been a Mac fanboy, so I'm not sure if the iOS extends to something like the iPad.
  • kennethdakin

    I love snag it and use it daily on my 27” Mac.

    The single most annoying thing about it is drawing horizontal or vertical lines. It is far too sensitive at the exact 0-180 or 90-270 degree position. If you could add a key to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise by a small amount (like the up/down/left/right arrow keys) , that would solve the problem.

    One other really useful thing would be a quick find “snippet” bucket where Small items you have drawn before could be clicked on and inserted into the clipboard for pasting to the currently active drawing. This could maybe take the form of a pop-up selection menu, showing miniature versions of your pre-drawn snippets to select from.This feature would save me hours daily. I am aware that one could use the bottom “tray” to do something similar to this but it shifts off the screen after a few changes. What I am suggesting is for a pop up list of that but with the most frequently copied items appearing first.

    I would also like access to my drawings on my IPad, (even just being able to look at them would be good).


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