Available for Mac?




  • Robert R.
    Hi Marty;

    Camtasia 2018 is available on both Windows and Mac and you can find the system requirements for both Mac and Windows here (showing what version of Mac OS X is required to run Camtasia 2018, we also have this compatibility chart).

  • Mal Reynolds
    Could I suggest, though... that you actually put which VERSION of Camtasia that page relates to in its content. I saw it earlier but decided not to link to it because there is no way of telling whether it relates to 9 or 2018.
  • Glenn Hoeppner
    Thanks for this feedback, I passed it along to the people responsible for the page.

  • JeffH
    I concur with Robert's comment. When looking at the site, it's not clear that Camtasia 2018 is for both Windows and Mac. Historically, the version numbering scheme has been unique for Windows (8.x/9.x) and for Mac (2.x/3.x). I don't know about other customers, but in my case I looked at the site and immediately thought the new version is for Windows.
    It's AWESOME to see Techsmith brought both products into sync from a release cycle standpoint...hopefully the feature gap is also closer/closed...but in the meantime, please add my feedback to the input you provided to the web/marketing team.
  • GrassValleyGal
    I agree with Jeff but am speaking about Snagit. I ignored previous upgrade notices for Snagit for Mac because it looked like it was a Window version number. Only just today discovered, with the most recent upgrade promo, that the two versions were combined sometime last year! Now I'm searching for answers to questions about transitioning from the old Mac-only version to the new combined. But in any case, yes, Techsmith help pages need to be sure to identify which version they are referring to.
  • pjonesCET
    Officially it dropped on the scene yesterday evening. I downloaded and installed it although they did put in adjustable background color, They changed the default color for control names was changed from dark charcoal grey (two notches down from the background color) to snow white. A welcome change in readability.

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