How do I do a Snagit screenshare with a small window of my web cam in the bottom right?




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    Ramy Fawaz

    Hi dustindetorres,

    I just wanted to follow up on this post to inform you that Picture-in-Picture video recording has arrived in Snagit! With Snagit Windows 2021.3.0 and Snagit Mac 2021.2.0, users are finally able to simultaneously record their webcam and screen. Snagit now fully supports having a small window view of your webcam in any corner for your recording :). You can learn more about how it works here:



  • dustindetorres
  • Dubie
    As far as I know Snagit can not do a picture in picture.

    You can switch between your webcam and the screen capture but no way to do PIP.

  • Cenay
    Just an FYI Dustin, Camtasia will. It will record both the screen, your web cam and also allow for splitting the "screen grab" into both audio and video for some pretty slick edits. 

    Snagit's use case is a little different. 

    If you need the PIP and advanced editing, I would take the plunge on Camtasia as well. I use both regularly in my work flow, depending on the use case. 

    Quick client instruction or question videos with no edit? Snagit for sure. 
    A how to video I am going to place on my YouTube channel, Camtasia all the way. 

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