How do you record your screen with SnagIt, and have a "picture-in-picture" of your webcam?




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    Ramy Fawaz

    Hello bpeikes,

    I just wanted to follow up on this post to inform you that Picture-in-Picture video recording has arrived in Snagit! With Snagit Windows 2021.3.0 and Snagit Mac 2021.2.0, users are finally able to simultaneously record their webcam and screen. You can learn more about how it works here:



  • Hi bpeikes - you can include webcam video in your Snagit recording, to add a more human element to the communication. It's basically a toggle between webcam and screen, which helps the viewer focus on one thing at a time. So a typical use case is to intro the topic on webcam, show some steps, then wrap up on webcam again. See how Snagit webcam works.

    If you specifically want to go the picture-in-picture route, see how webcam works in Camtasia.
  • bpeikes
    That doesnt work for us, as the person is describing action on the screen.

    As a follow up, is there a way to add a “stamp” over a video in Snagit? For instance, lets say we wanted to add a logo?
  • Gotcha. Sounds like Camtasia is a better fit for the kind of work you're looking to do. It's a full-on multitrack video editor so you can combine multiple media formats and lay elements out on screen however you need them. Camtasia supports picture-in-picture video and branding elements like a lower third or watermark logo. 
  • bpeikes
    I think Camtasia is overkill for what we want. We don't need multitrack editing. We just want to either add an overlayed image (i.e. a stamp), or do picture in picture. Our users will never use a full multitrack editor. These are quick one off videos, but we wanted to be able to have our users be able to stamp with logo, or "For internal use only", etc.

    Our users aren't content producers, so Camtasia is going to be too complicated. You might want to consider adding simple "stamping" to the videos in SnagIt. It exists for the screenshot part of SnagIt, so having the stamp tool work when editing videos seems like a natural addition.
  • Good suggestion and certainly something we'll consider. Thanks!
  • dustindetorres
    Any updates here? We would also love this feature for Snagit and feel like Camtasia is overkill. 
  • Sir_Alx
    Why not just open another app (like Photo Booth in Mac), and record all the screen?
  • Tami Schlichter
    @bpeikes - LOOM does what you're looking for :-) 
  • stephensterry853

    Hello bpeikes,

    Consider this free image overly utility. It hasn’t been updated since 2008.

     I find it’s controls to be a little clunky and awkward to work with. However, it took me less than 10 minutes to figure out how to place this PNG image on my screen. All I had to do was create a separate folder in place an image in. Then I pointed the utility to that folder. I chose my desktop as the folder location. Which if I were going to use this utility on a normal basis. Would not be my choice as a location to save image folders to.

    It can do animated PNG sequences as well. I realize that's not what you're after.

    But that's a feature that some might find useful.

     You can also adjust the opacity and scale of the image. I had to reposition the location and scale of the image by quite a bit. I left the opacity at 100 percent.

    I prefer another program called ImageOverlyUtility. But it is no longer available anywhere that I can find on the Internet. It was available for free for years. Then offered for sale for five dollars. Then disappeared into obscurity shortly thereafter. It was much easier to work with than this particular program. I still have the program, but it’s illegal for me to share it with others.

    This program seems to do the trick and that’s all that really matters. 90 percent of all free image overlay utilities have vanished from the market for some reason over time. This one is available and actually functions. I’m using Windows 10 and it seems to work just fine. Bear in mind I just downloaded it a few minutes ago so I haven’t tested it much.

    you may want to give it a whirl and see if it suits your needs.

    Regards, Joe

  • bpeikes

    Following up on this. Since SnagIt hasn't added picture in picture or overlays, we're moving our video creation to OBS, it's open source, free, and very powerful. You can do overlays, picture in picture, multi camera, etc...

  • Teresa Parmele

    Perfect timing! Thanks for posting the update about picture-in-picture.


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