Camtastia: How to set DEFAULT FOLDER?



  • jennywchan
    Also - how do I save these recordings with a name that makes more sense? Like - Recording 06-17-17 90 m4a doesn't make any sense when trying to sort through voiceover files. Please assist. Thank you so much!
  • ken
    This is a great question, and one where the answer seems to depend on what version of Camtasia you are running.  I have both the PC and the Mac versions, and have struggled with this question as well.  And how do you set the default folder for both the Project files AND the Recording files, which end up in two different folders, and with both a PC and a Mac, they seem to end up in different folders again based on computer types.  And finally, and even more importantly, once you discover the problem and start storing the project files on an external hard drive, and then  you get the message that your system drive is full, you realize all the Recording files are stored on the system drive even after you have changed the default location of the Project files, HOW do you move the Recording files from your system drive to a directory on your external hard drive so as not to lose the "connection" between the Project files and the Recording files.  A very well written, clear, and easy to follow answer would be very much appreciated.  Thanks.
  • ken
    Actually, what would be GREAT to have would be a section of a Help Manual titled "Folder and File Management."  In that section, you could talk about:
    • Setting default folders for all supported Camtasia versions, including the PC and the Mac
    • How to move files from one folder to another
    • How to associate the Recording files with the Project files after files have been moved
    • How to delete files that are no longer needed
    • Any other helpful information related to folders and files not mentioned above
  • jennywchan
    To add onto what you're saying: I have always "assumed" that when you delete a project, the recordings that were made during that project would delete as well, but that's not the case. Even the  recordings you end up NOT using in the final project ends up being saved in a "random" folder I didn't choose. It wasn't until I bought my computer to the Apple store (b/c I had run out of memory), that I realized all those recordings were still living on the computer! 
  • Stephane
    Excellent question !
    Camtesia 3 is really excessive

    - Excessively good with Behaviors, excessively bad with video quality when recording videos and screen at the same time (no DSLR allowed, no camcorder, no interface, no Logitech 920, 930)
    - Excessively good with Annotations, excessively bad with editing quality (no white balance, no real colors correction)
    - Excessively good to import with alpha Channel, excessively bad to... export alpha channel.

    If Camtesia would decide to open its features to others softwares and devices instead of more and more details, some Screenflow/After Effets/FCP/Premiere consumers (like me) would run after this product !
    Because this is a good product but excessively... uneven.

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