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  • Leif Alton
    Absolutely. The easiest way is this.  If it is all from one source video and it's all on one track, select all of the sections, then right click on one of the selected clips and choose 'Stitch Selected Media'. As a shortcut, if the media you want to select is the only media on the track, you can double click on the track header to select all of the media on that track.  If they are already stitched together as one, you can skip this step. 
    Now add clip speed to the one stitch media (it's in the video effect tools section.  Just drag the effect onto the stitched media).  Then open the effect tray (click on the bottom of the stitched media to open the tray if it is not already open), grab the end of the clip speed effect and drag it to the duration you want (in your case to 30 seconds).

    Note that you don't have to stitch the media into one piece to apply clip speed.  If there is one section that you would like to playback 6 seconds faster, just apply it to that clip and make that part 6 seconds shorter.  If this is not the last piece of media on the track, slide the remaining media down to remove any gaps.
  • Rick Mansfield
    Thanks—this is helpful. What if I have other elements in the video, though—callouts, transitions, and such. How will adding clip speed affect those elements?

    Should I export the video, then import it in a new project and add clip speed there?
  • Leif Alton
    That will be way easier for you.  Just export your 36 second long video.  Pull it into a new project, apply clip speed and change the duration.  No need to worry about things shifting out of place then.

    I suggest when you export the first time, choose to export as an mov (in the file format dropdown in the export dialog).  Then in the Advanced Export Options,  choose the Apple ProRes 4444 option.   This codec is not lossless, but has fewer compression artifacts.  Apple describes it is as 'visually lossless'.

    Once you bring that mov file back into Camtasia and apply clip speed, you can export it as an mp4 so it is compatible on more platforms and potentially a lot smaller.  But using ProRes for the intermediate export will reduce the artifacts you'll get from encoding the file twice.

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