Support for SVG files?



  • stephensterry853
    Possibly never,
     .svg is a vector graphics format. SnagIt is an image editing program.

     Callout's, text and some other element's use vector to create annotations. But these element's are Rasterized or "Flattened" before they can be saved as an image.

    You need a vector graphics program like Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator to save .svg files.

  • rolly.perreaux
    Thanks for the reply Joe. I should have been a little more specific in my request. 
    Let me try again...

    Will Snagit support opening SVG graphic files?

    Reason for asking is that in Office 365 I can insert SVG graphic files into a PowerPoint presentation and after making some modifications, I was able to right click the image and click Save as Picture:

    And then I was able to save the picture as a SVG file:

    I figured if Microsoft can do this for their Office 365 apps, then TechSmith should be able to do the same, right?

    Food for thought?
  • stephensterry853
    Interesting, What version of PP are you using? I have PP 2016 and I can't seem to import or export .svg's.

    I think it's great that Office 365 and PP has that functionality. It's not exactly an inexpensive program.

     Photoshop CC can export to svg.
    However,Photoshop Elements 15 cannot. You can pick up Elements on sale for well under a $100.

    SnagIt is $50.
    So, I think you see what I'm getting at.$$$
     I don't know what  supporting the svg would entail, but not many programs do.  I'm surprised PP does to be honest.   
  • tfisher
    SVG files are widely used by many graphic designers and artists.  You could pick up a lot of additional users if you were to support opening, editing and saving SVGs. Inkscape is not an expensive application (free) and it supports SVG files.

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