How do I capture a tool tip with Snagit12?




  • Rickstone1975
    Personally, I've found them to be a bit on the tricksy side. You can try assigning a keyboard shortcut to the capture, then be diligent about trying to be quick on the trigger, but that's frustrating as all get out and will be hit or miss.

    Likely, your best bet would be to use the video capture. Begin capturing, force the tooltip to reveal itself, stop capturing, then find and export the frame depicting the tooltip.

    That's the way I approach it.

    Cheers... Rick :)
  • Kelly Mullins
    Hi there,
    Simply use your mouse to hover over the item with the tool tip to expose it. Leave the mouse there and then press the hotkey to capture. Since the tool tip is open on the screen, you can capture it.

    Or, set up your capture to use the timer. Set it to maybe 3 seconds. Then, start the capture, and while the timer is running, hover your mouse on the item that has the tool tip. When the time is up, you get the cross hairs to take the capture and the tool tip will be exposed.

    This is how I have done all my captures that need a tool tip.
    I hope this helps!
  • LateralNw
    Set a hotkey.  I use CTRL-Shift-Z   (I'm left handed so it works easy for me.)
    when I hover over anything and use that sequence of keys I am able to capture the tips within Snagit.
    I am using snagit 2018 but I done exact same thing in previous versions.

    To set the hotkey go into preferences
    It is important that you set snagit not to hide itself.

  • Debby Paulson
    Thanks all...I got it to work!!

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