Export using H.265 format?


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  • trailsuender
    I found yet not option to enable this. It is even locked out of Share/Local File then file format .mov, click Options button, then you may select compression type. On a Mac, there is only H.264, AppleProRes 4444 (the forth 4 is the Alpha Channel this exports also transparency) and AppleProRes 422. - H.265 can not be performant decoded by many elder computers, graphic cards and smart devices. - On content like recorded by Camtasia (screen records) it is even no advantage in compression efficiency. - Where does H.265 the better job: action footage like rolled e.g. by GoPro, specially if the camera moves with an e.g. bike rider: waaaaaaaaay better. This is because of the compression algorithm. H.264 checks "what is the difference between frame x and x+1" in equal pattern sizes. So interviews e.g. H.264 and .265 compress similar because the cam is normally on a tripod an there is no much information change, one frame by the next. Whereas mounted on a helmet of a bike rider, every pixel changes one frame to the next. Then, H.265 comes into play. Take the Camtasia the screen record equivalent to an interview. Ergo: no H.265 necessary.

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