Drawing contious lines




  • Kelly Mullins
    You are correct about the action using the line tool. But, there is the pen tool you can use. This might take a few minutes of practice to get it right, though.

    So, select the pen tool and hold down the SHIFT key to make the line straight. Then, to change directions, without lifting the mouse, but letting go of the SHIFT key, change directions with the mouse then press the SHIFT key again and continue.

    Using this method, you can make turns and diagonals.

    Again, PRACTICE this a bit to get the hang of it.

    You can also right-click a pen line and choose EDIT POINTS from the menu. This will give you a bajillion points you can pull in or out to change the line.

    To be honest, I don't think this SHIFT KEY trick is a feature AT ALL. I just found that it works but is a bit wonky when trying to make diagonal turns. However, it may help you out if you can get the hang of it.

  • wjbaker
    This is very wonky.  And it only does 0, 45, 90 degrees.

    What we really need is a polyline option (similar to the Polygon feature but with open ended endpoints.

    This has been requested many times in the past.

  • Sarabeth Reingold

    Kelly Mullins unfortunately the shift button doesn't work for me (Mac). My lines are very wiggly and just plain awful. I hope they introduce a polyline option. 

  • Adolf Satzinger

    I was trying all kinds of combinations, but i cannot get a polyline to work.

  • Kevin Smart

    You can use the Shape tool. Change the shape outline to a polygon.

  • sheeter

    +1 for adding a polyline tool. You're nearly there with polygon, just allow open endpoints. Polylines are supported by Powerpoint and many PDF markup tools. It is major omission to not include it in SnagIt. 

  • bnydam

    Shift-click and polygons do not replace the basic functionality of polylines. I feel like I'm playing cut and paste moving all these lines around!  Please add support for polylines!

    Can't believe first question was 2 years ago.......


    Concur with the above.  I really like SnagIT but am amazed there is not a true polyline capability.  Please add this capability.

  • Robert Hello

    Inability to draw polylines is a showstopper for me


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