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SnagIt v2018 is very, very slow



  • Robert R.
    Hi there;

    Have you opened a support ticket so our team can look into the performance issues for you?

  • SAPMan
    I am a long time customer, and I did, ticket #681408 after an hour with an offshore tech support at snagit, I had to get back to work.  From a User using this since 2003 and has been fast up until now, VERY FRUSTRATING.  Looking into competing tools instead, like snipit.  This response time will eliminate your snagit customer base.
  • Doug McClendon
    The above comment mimics my situation exactly.  I have the latest version of the software and a pretty fast comp with tons of memory.  What's going on?
  • Vocalpoint
    I am at a loss to understand:

    A) How this thread is still going.

    B) How/why folks are still going on  about a version of SNAG-It that is 2.5 years old.

    C) How can folks not see that v2020 is beyond excellent, rock solid and very very fast.

    If you are expecting Techsmith to suddenly posting about or fixing anything to do with v18 at this point - you will be waiting a long time.

    That said - was v18 and it's oddball slowness a PITA - yes of course it was. But Techsmith has more than made up for it long ago.  For the minimal amount it costs to upgrade - think about moving up to v2020 and lets get past this old thread.


  • techsmith.com
    What goes wrong is that Techsmith is not interested in satisfied customers. Since the initial post here, there hasn't been one serious post from them. It's a shame, isn't it?
  • sven
    We're having the same problem in all versions since this one. So 2x 4k screens or more is still very sluggish with v2020. Got better computer hw, and the problem is not that painfull as it was 2 years ago, but it still looks like the same issue is there. It's a very big difference on e.g my laptop with 2x 4k screens when comparing to 1x 4k screen, or 2x 2k/FHD screens. AFAIK techsmith does still not "support" 2x 4k screens
  • Vocalpoint
    Ahh - Ok. Thanks for the clarification.

    I had huge speed issues with v2018 WITHOUT a 4K screen so that's what I thought this thread was going on about.

    I do not use 4K screens.  And I am guessing that until 4K screens become the norm - Techsmith probably won't be spending a lot of time there either if v2020 still does not work with 4K. 

    What is the use case - a delay in capture or what exactly?

  • b3rn41987
    For the past 4 years I am tired to receive these posts where people still complaining about slowness of Snagit . I was one of them but solved it and I posted a solution but pople seem to be more interested in whinceing rather than reading!
  • sven
    btyson: I think it was more than one issue, that's wy many people relate to this post - and the posted suggestions does not seem to work for everyone. I've been thinking about unsubscriping to the post my self - but still hoping for a solution, other than "me too" posts :)

    Vocalpoint: The whole computer, including mouse movement and capture etc becomes really slugish, with, with 1-2s between frames as soon as you hit "print screen" and try to mark the snipping area
  • JK120feet
    I have now - thanks.
  • stephensterry853
    So btyson,
    What's your solution?
    According to your profile, you've got 2 posts. One above, and this must the other one.

    I've never had any problems with SnagIt. Yet I've been running into some hiccups lately.
  • Nicholas Pinn
    Yea I've experienced similar issues with Snagit. When I attempt to capture the screen there is a 5 sec delay.

    PC: Surface Pro 4 i5 Windows 10.

    PS: I hope this gets fixed, I frequently use the software and an increase in speed would assist my workflow
  • voyager9355
    Same issue on Surface Pro 3 / Win 10.  Had to add the registry entries to get Snagit 18 to work AT ALL.  (in "software mode") 

    Hope for a fix sometime soon
  • Calvin Craig
    SnagIt 18 runs very slow on my Surface Book Pro 2 Intel Core i7 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. It's extremely exasperating to use since prior versions on other hardware ran ever so much faster.

    --- Update after reading Sam Storie's post below --- 

    I hadn't actually tried SnagIt 18 by itself on my Surface Book Pro 2 laptop without it being attached to the docking station and to dual 28" 4K monitors. I rarely use my machine without it being docked. I discovered that it runs much faster when undocked and SnagIt performance is acceptable.

    I'm running the following magnifications and resolutions:
    • Laptop, 250%, 3240 X 2160
    • Two 28" 4K Monitors, 175%, 3840 X 2160
    All are running in landscape orientation. I wish it was much faster because I've missed important opportunities to quickly capture images during calls.

  • JK120feet
    Done some further testing and this is my conclusion.

    The previous version of SnagIt capture was fine with a QHD laptop and 2 x QHD monitors whilst v2018 is no good.

    Or at least it is no good on my Dell XPS 15 (latest model, 32gb ram and 4gb video ram).

    I have tested the following combinations re v2018:
    1. Using only the QHD laptop screen and SnagIt capure is fine.
    2. Connecting to 1 HD screen and SnagIt capture works fine.
    3. Connecting to 1 QHD screen and SnagIt capture works fine.
    4. Connecting to 2 QHD screens and SnagIt capture is very, very slow.
    5. Connecting to 1HD and 1 QHD screen and SnagIt capture is very, very slow.

    In my opinion the slowness of the capture is enough to ruin the user experience as I make tens of captures each day.  So, in my opinion v2018 is not worth paying for until it is improved. 

    SnagIt Editor always seems fine under all of the above.

  • Ramesh Prabhu
    This is exactly my issue as well. I just upgraded to V2018 and I'm wondering why I did. The old version while not the fastest, wasn't half as bad as this one.
  • susanss
    I too am having issue since 2018 - Lenovo T470 P Win 10 . Too painful - will find something else.
  • Lane Christianson
    If I could revert back to previous version I would. I looked into this here at my work, but was told that was not possible. Too slow, too many steps, don't like new version at all. 
  • sven
    2x 4K seems to be the problem. Verified on 3 different computers. With different performance. As soon as you have 2 4K monitors it's really useless
  • jsheck59
    I am running a Surface Book and 2-4K monitors and it is really slow.  Just found out via Tech Support Chat that Snagit cannot handle the 2 4K monitors.  I have to unplug one to get the response I need from it.  
  • David Curry
    Why would you guys ruin an otherwise perfectly good product like this??  Used to love it back in v7-v8 days...now it's just agonizing!
  • Todd Steele
    I concur the experience is awful.  Its so choppy I feel like I am playing halo on a 56k modem. Running a desktop with 32gb ddr5 ram and 16gb video ram
  • gerry
    thank you, @frustrated! I was about to throw SnagIt 2018 to the wolves also., though I have been a faithful users, and evangelist, for YEARS. I record a lot of training videos and the sllluuuuuugggggiiiiiiisssshhhhhhhneeeesssssssssssssss was very frustrating. I have no unplugges one of my monitors, and it back to "usable" again. Hooray!  I am now getting some weirdness with the monitor rescaling when I go into capture mode, but I can work around that.
  • Marcel
    Am running v2018 as a test. Created a small video of the CPU performance when using SnagItEditor. First one is v2018 the 2nd one is v11.4.3

    When using SnagItEditor v11, the CPU performance hardly every goes beyond 5%.

    v2018, after moving a block, became totally unresponsive. I may click on any button, anywhere, nothing happened.

    below videos - I hope they will come thru - never added a video before here - will show what I mean.

  • stephensterry853
    I was intrigued by your videos, I'm running a Windows 10 computer with all the latest updates.
    Fall creators addition,etc. Graphic card up to date.

    I added arrows, made random selections, copied and pasted images, etc. and so forth. My CPU usage averaged 5% or so. It hit 7% and 8% for a fraction of a second a couple of times.

    I'm running a relatively high powered Desktop as well. That never hurts.

  • stephensterry853
    I send 90% of my captures to Photoshop and do my work there. So I'm no power user.

    What I always disliked about 11, was that any object you clicked on.Changed the tool tip to the object selected.
    If you were using an arrow, accidentally clicked to close to a text callout, now you were drawing a text callout instead of an arrow.So, you had to Click undo, re-grab the arrow tool, etc. That made me nuts.

    People complain about the UI layout.
    I create and save Custom Quick Styles for Text Callouts, Shapes, and Arrows.
    I don't create a lot of them. So without a lot of clutter to dig through, I can select them in no time. "I delete the default ones"
    So the UI layout matters little to me.It's a 3 click process, select the tool, select the Quick style, Click and Drag to Apply.

    SnagIt 11 callouts look better than 2018's callouts. 2018 callouts are flattened and dull, kinda lifeless things.

    By comparison, SnagIt 11 had a lot more personality and possibility's. 

    For the most part, I rarely use Text Callout's like the ones pictured above. Neither style actually looks professional. I wouldn't typically place these thing's on professional presentations. If I hired a lawyer, and saw them all over my paperwork.That would concern me a lot.lol

    I don't use OCR so that feature isn't of much use to me.

    2018 is noticeably faster,smoother being 64 bit at times. The font menu used to take a longer time to open, things like that.

    Would I rather use SnagIt 2018 or SnagIt 11???

    SnagIt 2018 is my choice, I like it better than SnagIt 13 and it's predecessors.

     If I were a power user of 2018, I'm confident I could squeeze a lot more usage out of it's features.

  • Marcel
    Could be that within VMware SnagIt takes more CPU... but I would expect it not to go beyond -say- 10% or so.
    It feels 'sluggish' within VMware.
    Except for AV software, Chrome, Firefox and Opus nothing else is installed there.

    I am also running a pretty decent PC (32GB RAM, 2x Samsung 850 Pro, GTX970, that kind of stuff) on 10 x64 (not yet with Fall update).

    Anyway, that said, and off-topic... please allow me to ask:
    what is -your-  opinion about v2018 ? 
    your experience with this version.
    I really do value your opinion, as you know.
    (Am a bit 50/50 on whether or not to go for the update actually)

  • Marcel
    Thank you so much Joe!

    The UI indeed is a hot topic. Personally I do appreciate the old "Office-like" layout, with the QAT. Whilst it is, of course, a matter of taste, having a QAT in place saves time: less clicks (new SnagIt versions: click 1: File, click 2: Print, click 3: Preview), instead of click preview button in the QAT in v11.
    Also the old beloved Office like toolbar immediately shows more features, accessible by just 1 click, instead of 3 or more.
    Admittedly, in your case, whilst you are sending most screenshots to Photoshop, the toolbar thing isn't that important.
    Are you running Photoshop in the background all the time then?

    As for me: my captures aren't meant to be 'reworked', but rather for archival purposes, from website screenshots upto application installs and settings.

    Anyway, thanks again!


    oh, btw, just go back in time...
    Surely you may remember that SnagItEditor v11.3 there was a 'tag' thing in the toolbar. 
    That was gone in 11.4
    SnagIt-captures show information in editor->properties, specifically 'Window Title'.
    I wonder whether there would be a way to have that info transferred automatically to library tag (v2018)

    below screenshot may illustrate what I mean.

    This way, at least, some basic info is available under tags. Optionally users may wish to edit that info (adding, deleting info)





    Then again, maybe it isn't possible at all...
  • stephensterry853
    Are you running Photoshop in the background all the time then?
    Photoshop opens fast "I run a hybrid C drive" and I don't use it all the time. I do a lot of video editing, so it just eats away at resources. I keep extra programs closed by habit if for no other reason.

    I never used the tag feature,so I'm unfamiliar with it.
  • hans
    I am also experiencing poor performance.  I initiate a "snag" and there is a long pause.  I move my mouse around to select and it is very sluggish to select.  Click-hold to select the other corner and same sluggish behavior.  Makes it painful.  Version 13 was *much* better.  2018.0.0 (Build 462) is unusable for a lot of selections (periodic is okay).

    I am running on a Dell Precision M4800 with an i7-4800MQ CPU @ 2.70Ghz, 32GB RAM, 500GB 2.5" SSD boot, 2TB 2.5" SSD (in DVD tray), Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 1703 (Build 15063.674), Intel HD Graphics 4600 (Driver Date 9/29/2016, Version by Intel Corporation), NVIDIA Quadro K1100M (Driver date 5/9/2017, Version by NVIDIA).

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