Is there a better way to adjust templates to add more images?




  • stephensterry853
    As best as I can tell, you're limited to 9 captures in total.
    Which, unless your images are very small. Makes for a rather large combined image in most cases.
    So the limitation doesn't surprise me.Yet, a higher number could be beneficial in some cases .

    Once you've add these images to a template. You can change the Combine in Template wizard to full screen.
    Then adjust the thumbnails as large as possible.
    This makes rearranging them easier.
    Unfortunately, the wizard forgets the Wizards settings , opening at the small default size every time.
    An oversight in the design.
    I find this to be a frustrating thing to deal with.


  • Hi Christine, we are currently looking into potential enhancements that allow for more flexibility in modifying layouts. At the moment, the way I do this is to switch to the Move tool, then click and drag out an area on the canvas that overlaps the objects I want to move or duplicate. Then those objects can be manipulated all together. 


    Not super ideal and we want to make it better. But this may help for now.
  • c.ethell
    Thanks - yes, that does help :-)  I've sort of neglected that Move-tool a bit.  But I still hope you'll consider giving users a choice of how many pics to use in their template, as this would be really useful... 
  • stephensterry853
    I misinterpreted the question. I should have read it more closely {:>(

    Thanks for jumping in. 
  • Dubie
    You can take a few minutes and modify the template to add more placeholders.
    It's not that hard to do.

    The drawback is you have to drag and drop a image onto each placeholder. It won't auto fill like the original.

    But once you have the layout you want you can save it to use over and over again.
    Tag it as a template to find it easily in the library.

    Here are a couple examples.



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