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Well, I guess I'm not on support any more...



  • Paul Engle
    John 11:35. :| 

    I really hope:

    1) a TechSmith employee can come in and speak to this. 
    2) Wendy H. reads this, because...good grief. 
  • Paul Engle
    Bumping this. This happened me this week, and it would have endlessly looped me back and forth as Mal described. 

    This was a god-awful experience. 
  • Glenn Hoeppner

    Sorry for the poor experience here, clearly not what we're going for. We're taking a look into this workflow to make it better. In the meantime, if anyone else runs into this and your timezone doesn't allow you to call or chat, you can always open a support ticket at https://support.techsmith.com.

    Sorry again,
  • Mal Reynolds
    OK, I suppose that I should round this one out. The conclusion was not so much irritating as just bizarre.
    20 April, 23:42 my time, probably about 08:42 of the same day in the U.S.A.: I get an e-mail.
    Your subscription payment for Snagit® 2019 Upgrade Maintenance ($xx.xx AUD) was successful.

    I'm sorry, you what? Yes, you could guess the new expiry date on the card but you'd never be able to guess the CVV, so how in the living Hades could you have processed that?

    Also 20 April, 23:42:
    Maintenance Agreement #12345678

    You have enrolled in an auto-renewing maintenance subscription. Your agreement will be automatically renewed on the expiration date shown above. Please save this message as the agreement number will be needed when contacting our Support Team.

    {Eyes squinting at screen, upturned half snarl...}
    You CAN'T have processed that. Your brilliant MindUnsprung service kept rejecting the credit card details.

    I have more pressing stuff to deal with, so I set it aside.

    22 April, 14:20 my time, so probably late in the evening of the 21st US time, I receive this:
    Your subscription payment for Camtasia® 2019 Upgrade Maintenance will be automatically processed on 21/6/20 ($xx.xx AUD).
    Please verify your payment details to ensure successful transaction and uninterrupted delivery.

    There's a link to "Manage Your Payment Details". I click on it despite my imaginary blood pressure medication telling me that I shouldn't.

    Where does it take me?
    I land on a web page which asks me to enter the e-mail address associated with the account, because that's so much easier than oh, I dunno, taking me to the account management page, maybe?
    Woah, deja vu!

    What does my face look like at that time? Imagine the Hound of the Baskervilles having a really, really bad day.

    Still, I go into my account (directly, not by wasting my time with the page above) to see whether anything has changed.

    It's a miracle! I can actually create a new pay method!

    Thankfully it automatically sets itself as the default method. I say thankfully because this is the button that you use to work with the payment methods:

    Yes, it says "Manage". In black text on a dark blue background.

    At least now we know where the legibility problems in Camtasia's interface came from. I'd ask Joe to check what the contrast ratio on these buttons is, but I fear that he'd never see again.

    22 April 18:08 my time:
    Welcome to TechSmith Snagit!

    We're so excited for you!

    You now own the perfect tool for quickly creating visuals to help you share information. We'll give you a number of helpful resources along the way so you can get the most out of Snagit. Let's start with a short tutorial video:

    I do a quick check of the authorised transactions on my credit card and the payment to Techsmith for the Snagit maintenance is there, having gone through after I made the change today, obviously, not when yesterday's e-mails said it did.

    Soooo.... I... {tilts head and scrunches up one eye} guess it... worked? Kinda?

    I should bookmark this thread. I have a feeling that I may need it in a few years.

  • Stephanie Bonillas

    I tried canceling my subscription and removing my credit card in FastSpring and the button won’t let me remove my credit card


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