• Gord Isman
    This is great video -clear and easy to follow.  I'm looking forward to trying this!
  • stephensterry853
    I'm missing something here,  I followed the instructions and the program is up and running.
    The "Do It!"button stays grayed out for producing.

    I copied and pasted the FFE .exe file. Imported a fileChose my png output.Audio- even though there is no audio.Output folder
    Nothing, no way to output. The input file is also grayed out. Screen shot attached.
    I'm wondering if this ffmpeg needs to be installed to work correctly?
    There's a lot of how to videos for installing it on Windows.

    Here's a you tube video.

    I can convert through Premiere Pro if need be.But this like a neat way for those without another way.
    It may be quicker than Premiere Pro, although probably not. I'd like to try it anyway.
  • Lon Naylor
    Hmmm...interesting. I'm certainly not an expert on this software. I just tried it the way I described and it worked fine for me. My testing was done on Win 7.

    I'll be interested to see if others have the same issue.

    Thanks for the feedback Joe.
  • stephensterry853
    What's odd is,  as soon as I launch it. My program files folder opens on my C-Drive.
    See image.
    Then I close the window and the program opens. So I'm pretty sure in my case, it needs to be installed manually.  Copy and pasting the files into the program files is easy. That Windows Power Shell move at the end I'm not familiar with. 
    Not needing the program makes me slow to try it. I just got the spring 1803 big Windows update yesterday. That may have moved the goalposts and broken this software a bit?
    It's a great trick, nice video. I just happened to catch a glitch.

  • Dubie
    Hey Joe,
    When your programs file folder opens it asking you where the FFmpeg binary is at.

    Just navigate to the bin folder where you pasted the ffe .exe and select the ffmpeg.exe  then click open and you should be good.
    ffe is looking for ffmpeg.

    You shouldn't need to install FFmpeg as it will run from the folder.

    The install vid you linked to is a good thing to do if you use FFmpeg in the command prompt and also makes it easy to open the command prompt from any folder you may be working on media in.

  • Dubie
    To add to Lon's really helpful tut.  Thanks for this Lon :)

    Here is a way to change the default file extension from mkv to mov
    so you don't have to always manually check/change it.



    Open the ffe.ini file in your text editor of choice.

    So a search/find for:

    Change mkv to mov and save

    The default file extension should now be .mov for your conversions

  • stephensterry853
    Okay,  that worked Dubie, thank ya sir

    Looks like it's quicker than going the Premiere Pro route as well.
    One gotcha that messed me up. The program opens to the system tray.
    I converted a couple of files and ate dinner.Shut down the computer.
    Came back and fired up the program for more testing.It wouldn't start. Argh! WTH!I didn't know what to think. It was running in task manager, but it was no where to be found. Well, in the system tray.
    So Lon,  Thanks man, it's a lot faster than rendering a video through Premiere Pro.I've got a lot of QuickTime footage archived. It will go to waste if I have to jump through to many hoops to use it. Adobe is making noise about dropping support for QuickTime before to long. You can keep older versions installed to deal with these issues but it would make more sense to stuff media encoder full of files and do some batch conversions probably.
    Anyway, regards,Joe 
  • Lon Naylor
    Awesome! Like I mentioned, I'm no expert on this software yet. That was REALLY helpful.

  • lucsim
    Hi Lon,
    Thx for sharing this!
    One but.....what if my Camtasia is on my Mac?
    Any alternative for the FFE User Interface?
    I have iFFmpeg but that doesn't have the png codec....

    All the best,

    btw posting an comment here gives an error...
  • Lon Naylor
    Hi Luc,

    I don't think MOV's with transparency are an issue (in general) on mac because you have QuickTime support? Of course it depends on what codec is used (ProRes, JPEG 2000, etc.) for the source MOV file. Not sure. I'm not a mac guy...

    Ya...I have the site screwed down tight at the moment...

  • lucsim
    Well Viddyoze .move files i.e. I can play with Quicktime (but it has to convert it first) but there is no other software I can use, like Camtasia, to use it in a sequence of recordings as it gets blurred there.
  • lucsim
    Camtasia just replied:As the QuickTime animation codec has been deprecated on Windows, it is only a matter of time before asset providers will need to provide assets in alternative codecs else they risk losing the entire Windows content creation market. 

  • chrissc
    Unfortunately this didn't work for me.  The recommended programs loaded fine and processed fine, but files wont play in camtasia. They were just black.  The fact that these file types cant be used in Camtasia is a deal breaker.  Will have to look for a different software to edit video.
  • OdatNurd
    For what it's worth I was having the same problem and the solution appeared to be that the clip I was trying to convert didn't have any audio in it. Adding an audio track seems to have fixed it. 

    I have no idea is there is some rule that the MOV PNG codec has to have both an audio and video stream, or if Camtasia requires both and gets mad if one is missing, though.
  • melissa.mccreary
    Did anyone find a fix for the Do It button being greyed out?
  • Justin Medved
    Yes, I know the fix. I had the same problem myself at first. When you first execute the FFE executive file to activate the program, a file screen is going to load up and you must then navigate to the file that the tutorial instructs you to paste the FFE executive into. From there select the ffe-mpeg file and click open.

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