Image over rides text: Snagit Issue

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  • Mal Reynolds
    A couple of things.
    The first is that this is not Techsmith Support. This is a feedback and user-to-user peer forum which is publicly viewable, so giving out your e-mail address, phone number etc is probably not a good idea. (I see that you've now removed them, which is a good idea.)

    The second is that this is unlikely to have anything to do with Snagit.

    If you are just pasting the image in as you describe, right click on it (in Word) and select the "Wrap Text" menu item. It sounds like you have it set to "in Front of Text" instead of something like "Top And Bottom".

    Once the image leaves Snagit and heads for Word, your issue is in Word, not Snagit.
  • Michael Barnett
    Hi this is sorted. It was a Word setting. Format and inline with Text.

  • jasons
    Just coming to answer but too late LOL! .
    FFR just remember the problem usually lies with the PROGRAM (word) you are having an issue with NOT the one you don't have an issue with. (snagit)

    This applies to any programs and not just snagit/word.

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