Snagit for Mac is a poorly designed product




  • Luke Griffioen

    Thank you for your feedback, we're so sorry that you're not happy with Snagit. I will attempt to address each of your concerns as best I can.

    What version of Snagit an macOS are you running? In general, the latest versions will have the smoothest experience.

    For crashes, hangs, and performance issues, are there specific workflows that seem to cause these? If you do see them, please let us know so we can get crash logs or process samples to figure out why it's not performing well for you.

    For the customize toolbar, if you have Snagit in light theme both options are there, but in dark theme there's only one option. The reason for this is that we added dark theme before Apple did, and text on toolbar items did not work. Once we drop support for macOS 10.13, we will be able to use Apple's theming and have both options in dark theme. As for the "use small size" option, our icons are currently the smaller size, we don't have a larger size option. It used to be hidden, but it looks like Apple changed how that sheet works, so we'll need to fix that again. Thanks for pointing it out!

    So sorry about having to type this twice, I have run into that as well on this site. Unfortunately this site was made by GetSatisfaction, so TechSmith doesn't have any control over how it works.
  • xavier paredes
    I do appreciate you replying.

    About the customize toolbar issues: You're telling me that you tried adding the dark theme early on and it didn't work. So why didn't you fix it back then? And now you're waiting on Apple to do something before things will "maybe" work properly? 

    About the "use small size" option: You are confirming what I complained about in my original message. Why would you have that option if it's not an option? Makes no sense. Fix it or nix it. No?

    I have no idea who or what GetSatisfaction is. From a user's perspective, I use this platform to communicate with Techsmith. I don't care (nor should I) what tools you used or if they work or don't work. If this is not working, use another tool/platform. Or communicate to GetSatisfaction and ask them to fix it.

    Sorry but these all seem like excuses.

  • Luke Griffioen
    We added dark theme about 4 years ago, and everything worked except for text labels on the toolbar. This is actually the first complaint we've gotten about it since then. We're not waiting for Apple, we just have to stop supporting macOS 10.13 in Snagit otherwise those users will lose dark theme completely.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear, we did remove it, but some recent change to the OS made it come back, and you're the first to point it out. I have identified the cause of the issue and we will get a fix out for that soon.

    I didn't mean for it to sound like an excuse, but we can definitely reach out to GetSatisfaction.
  • Tony
    Luke, with all due respect to you and your courteous way of replying, but TechSmith DOES have control over how this page works!!! TechSmith is the client, and GetSatisfaction. (whoever they are) is the seller or provider! TechSmith calls the shots and tells GetSatisfaction what they desire and not the other way around. If TechSmith wont take responsibility for contracted forum page, then they wont take responsibility for all the damn bugs we have had to deal with!!! Luke, it's time TechSmith owned up and took responsibility for their goofs, and as Xzavierp stated, this is a long standing issue which does nothing to create good customer relations or put faith in any new versions of their product!!
  • macleod
    I will second this perception.  We are paying for ongoing support and so we expect ongoing responses and improvements.  The last time I had a problem, the solution was a massive removal of files and uninstallation, then starting from scratch again.  This is not the sign of a well crafted and maintained piece of software.  After all, this is not the Wild West (or East) of Linux; Mac and Windows OS's are relatively stable and well-known environments so we have a right to expect solid performance and stability.  
  • rouge136
    xavierp what other mac apps do you recommend? 
  • a31inatl

    I am going to agree with Xavierp.  I have been TRYING to figure out WHY in WIndows I can get the "Icon and Text" labels, but on my Mac, ONLY have the option of "Icon Only".  I also tried changing the "Use Small Size" option to see if it made a difference, but saw nothing change.

    I am running Mac OS 10.15.5 and Snagit 2020.1.0.

    You say that this is the first complaint about this issue, but most people do not go through the hassle of downloading the 178 page user guide like I did, then reading through it to determine toolbar options, to only find that what it says in the manual, isn't the same thing it shows on my Mac.  Perhaps a notation in the manual that "Icon and Text" option is only available in "Light Mode".  I appreciate the comment letting me know that.  I have changed my setting back to light mode now to be able to see the text labels on the toolbar.  Windows has an "Editor" section in preferences missing from the Mac version, "Show Toolbar Labels".

    There is also a setting in Mac "Always use Black and White Menu Bar Icon" that I am not sure what it does either.

    Overall my experience has been the Windows version is way smoother and overall easier to use than Mac, but just my opinion.  Thanks for the assistance.

  • xavier paredes


    I used to use Greenshot but when I saw on paper the features Snagit had I purchased it. Unfortunately, it's still sluggish and sometimes buggy (per my OP)

    According to Greenshot is the next best contender.  It used to be free but now they charge $1.99 but I'm going to give it a shot as soon as they get their 3-star review on the app store up to 4.

    If someone else has tried something better please let us know.


  • Luke Griffioen

    Hi a31inatl,

    Sorry about the confusion on the text labels, we're working on adopting native macOS theming which will have support for text labels in dark mode.

    The "use small size" option used to be hidden and came back in a recent macOS update, we will be shipping a fix for that soon.

    We don't have a separate setting in preferences for the toolbar text labels because the standard in macOS is to only have that in the right click menus on the toolbar.

    "Always use Black and White Menu Bar Icon" is a setting for the S icon in the menu bar. During recording this turns red to show you that recording is active, unless this setting is enabled in which case it stays monochrome.

    I hope this helps clear up some confusion.

  • Luke Griffioen


    Just wanted to follow up, we released 2020.2.0 today and it includes some tweaks to the toolbar so options like "use small size" that don't do anything are now hidden. Hopefully this clears up some confusion!


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