Price is too high



  • LucMorin

    I concur. This is a product that will not see the inside of my laptop.

    Techsmith is free to price their software however they want, but as a customer of many years of both Camtasia and Snaggit, I find that you've gone overboard with this pricing level for Audiate.

    If you should ever have similar ideas for your other products...

  • mtrexler

    Agreed.  Compared to Descript, for example, it has very limited functionality.  To have it cost almost as much as SnagIt but on a monthly basis is just crazy.   

  • rdfedoruk

    Concur on the price.  I'm paying for it for now but the amount of friction in the UI, non-cooperation with other Camtasia tools, and silence from the product feedback team...

  • HarryCarter

    I agree that the price is, well, not just a bit crazy...but, ridiculous!

    This is a simple tool. I thought that the price was $29,99 :) I was all set to buy it.

    Then when I noticed the "monthly" thing...I was amazed.


  • lbalk

    Just saw the price, must be a mistake, the had to mean yearly.   Deleting from my computer will stick with Audacity.  Nice idea not nearly ready for prime time but certainly priced for the big time. 

  • Shawn Goldner

    I also agree on the price point.  WAY TOO HIGH!  When you compare this $30/month for a single tool, then I look at what I get from my Adobe Creative Suite subscription for the same price, it is ridiculous.  Not to mention, I haven't even gotten the trial version to work yet.  First, it would install properly, now, when I try to record, it won't record.  I honestly thought that Techsmith was a better company than this, because normally they are.

  • rdfedoruk

    Yeah I kissed it goodbye last month, even though I really wanted to love it.

    It gains no advantage from being in the Camtasia suite.  You can't open Camtasia recordings directly in it.  There's no interplay.

    Then, after the app failed to save a massive project I was working on I started looking around.  What I found is that Audiate has a significantly higher price point while having a fraction of the features of its competitions.
    - automated filler word removal
    - editing gaps
    - working in channels with multiple audio sources
    - searching for text within the transcript
    - marking places you wish to return
    - jumping ot precise times.

    Descript is just one of the competitors I found that has all of this.  You can even leverage their insane "overdub" feature" in a premium pack and STILL pay less than Audiate.

    I'm a huge Techsmith fan, and really wanted to roll with Audiate, but I kinda feel like I've been had.  

  • Shawn Goldner


    I didn't even know that products like this existed so I was excited to see it.  However, with the price point, I had to go look for other options and I too found Descript.  I still haven't gotten Audiate to work either.  This is an example of a company not being in touch with its consumers.  I am a huge Techsmith fan, but this was disappointing.  If they are not careful, they will loose their base of supporters to cheaper, less effective, products.  A great example of this is Screencast-o-matic.  They are so cheap that teachers are flocking to the program.  Camtasia is much better, but when everything is driven by budget, there just isn't enough budget for a program like this.  I should be part of Camtasia in my opinion.

  • Stephen Hubbard

    Yes, the price is way too high. Yearly subscription is the price of industry standard DAW audio software. Disappointed with Techsmith here - from a long time Camtasia & Snagit user.

  • Chad Smith

    I was just checking out Descript too, and then asked myself I wonder if Techsmith is entering into this area of editing. I ended up here.

    There ain't no way that I would pay for a very limited audio editor like Audiate when Descript can do far more for half the price.

    In the long run, if you can turn Audiate into a Descript competitor, without the reliance on cloud processing so that I can purchase a license (and not subs), only then will you have my attention.

  • Craig T Fildes

    I agree with all the comments above. I have Snagit and Camtasia perpetual licences with maintenance support and would have purchased this product with the same type of license, but in Australian dollars they want $438 per year. I  am sure that would scare the majority of Techsmith supporters when you can use Descipt or Otter that do the same thing and are much cheaper. Very greedy and very disappointing. 


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