Moving file locations




  • Stephen Wagner
    If you save the project as standalone, which is the default behavior, you should be able to move the .cmproj wherever you want without any problems.  It will contain all the media used by your project.

  • Leif Alton
    If it is not standalone, then you can do a SaveAs, give the project a new name, and make sure that it 'Save as standalone' is checked, and save the project.  Then the project will contain all of the media used in it and the paths to the media in the project file are relative which makes it portable (only across mac systems).

    Another option is to choose the 'Export for Windows' option in the File menu.  This will package the project up along with all of the media it needs in a zip style file.  This is also useful for archiving old projects and storing them off on network or backup drives. Note that you will need enough disk space to zip this since all of your media will be copied into the archive file. 
    At a later time if you need it back, you can choose 'Import Zipped Project' from the file menu, browse to the zipped project, choose the location on your mac where you want it to be unzipped to, and CMAC will restore your project to the new location. You can ignore any warnings about file compatibility when using 'Export fro Windows' if you intend to reopen the project on a mac rather than on a Windows machine.

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