How does Analytics allocate completion percentages?



  • Josh Holnagel

    When viewing the analytics percentages directly in Relay, the data should reflect exactly how much of the entire video a viewer has watched. This is tracked by small segments of the video, over multiple viewing sessions when necessary. An example would be: a student watches the first half of a video on a Monday, and logs back in to watch the second half of the video on Tuesday. Later on Tuesday, the student's viewing percentage score should be 100%. Sometimes there can be a slight delay in the aggregregation, but it shouldn't be longer than a few moments.

    If the video is added as LMS course content, and connected to the gradebook, the viewing percentage will also be reported to the LMS as a grade value. This reporting should be complete within 30-45 minutes after a student is done watching the video, and will update with new scores if a student goes back to finish watching on a later day.

    Does that help clarify things for you?

    TechSmith Relay Team 

  • DrGermroth
    Josh, thank you for the quick reply. What you communicate is what I expected.
    However, I had students with completion percentages anywhere between 90% and 40% who submitted notes that covered the complete video content. They assured me that they had watched all of the video.
    Should I assume that they scrubbed through or jumped between segments? I just need to get a feel as to how precise the view capture is. 
  • Josh Holnagel
    The reporting is typically quite precise. However, we should look into the details for you. I will follow up by creating a tech support ticket. Expect an email shortly!
  • cassie.lstone
    Hello, I'm kind of curious about this; however, I'm using Camtasia, not Relay. The problem seems to be similar though. What I'm seeing is in the results page on TechSmith's website, I get one number for the percentage of content viewed, but when I download the .csv file and start building reports I'm getting a different number entirely.  For example, for one associate, the page shows her at 88% content viewed. However, in the .csv for the same video/quiz, it shows 100%. Same video, different associate, shows 88% watched in one place, 99.32% watched in another. These are just two examples, but none of them are the same.

    How do I know which is correct? Or, am I not reading or interpreting something correctly? 

    I'm also noticing missing quiz results. I know someone went through the entire video, and took the quiz, but there is no record of it in either the results webpage or the .csv report. 

    These videos are exported to Smartplayer and then the HTML5 output file is loaded to and launched from a SharePoint site. I'm in the process of moving everything to an LMS, and that may resolve these issues. But, I'm weeks, if not months, away from being able to migrate, test and release  content from the LMS. 

    Thanks for any help given!  

  • tsteed1

    Did you ever get an answer?  I am experiencing the same problem in Knowmia.



    Would love follow up here as I am seeing the same thing. 

    I have a student who viewed the entire video and Knomia reported a score of 88.771% .  What is the algorithm? 

    She mentioned she did use double time on some sections. Is it just taking minutes watched divided by total minutes of content do you are penalized for double speed? How is scrubbing through the time line handled in terms of points? 

  • Josh Holnagel

    Hi Kendall and tsteed1,

    I apologize for the delayed reply here.

    First, adjusting the playback speed should have no impact on the analytics at all. However, scrubbing through the timeline would not record the portions that were scrubbed over as "viewed". The video does have to play naturally, using any of the available playback speed options. 

    If you have a video where you think the analytics data is not tracking accurately, could you please open up a support ticket with us? We'd be happy to investigate once we have some additional details.

    Thank you for reaching out, and I'm sorry you're having issues.


    Customer Success


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