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  • stephensterry853
    There is a way.

    For starters, there are no default settings allowing you to point the shape to the left.

     I don’t use the step tool all that often and I don’t work in a corporate environment. So I like designing my own steps shapes. That being said.

    The water drop you’re referring to is a PDF file/image in SnagIt’s program files.

    opening that file in a program like Adobe’s illustrator. Rotating it 180 degrees and saving it. Then using that one to replace the one in SnagIt’s program files. Gets the desired results.  

    The water drop shape is actually called a Circle-Pointer by TechSmith. I opened it in illustrator and rotated at 180 degrees for you if you want it.

    You can download it here from MediaFire.

    What you need to do is going to SnagIt’s program files and find the Step folder.

    I would copy the circle pointer PDF and save it to your documents or wherever you choose to save it. That makes reverting back at a later time easy if you want to. Otherwise a reinstall is required. Which is pretty simple as well.


    Then, copy and paste the new downloaded PDF into that folder. You will get a pop up saying that the file already exists and do you want to replace it? Just agree and say yes. After that, the pointer will always point to the left because the image does.

    I’m currently running 3 step designs I created from scratch. There all appearing in the image below. The arrow is actually considered to be the Circle Pointer. I don’t have a name for these callouts but the Green one is the Circle Step and the Blue one is the Square Pointer. I’m primarily showing you this so that you know it works and there’s no harm done by this procedure. I’ve been doing this for many years and many versions of SnagIt. The only thing I haven’t changed is the Square Step.

    The editor won’t reflect the changes in the icons displays in Quick Styles or Menus. Only the callout changes.

    Regards, Joe

  • Putatio

    I see the four step shapes in this folder:
    c:\Program Files\TechSmith\Snagit 2021\Step\

    Can I add a step shape that I create?
    For example "Circle-Left-Pointer.pdf" which I created by rotating the original shape in Acrobat.


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