Toggle between screen sharing and Webcam while recording



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    User issue has been resolved, but I wanted to answer for anyone double checking this question - 

    When you go to create a video using the Relay recorder (not the classic recorder), and select the “No Camera” option in the device selection, and then start a recording, you cannot toggle the webcam on or off.

    The only way to ensure you have access to the webcam is to select the camera as the preferred device and then start your recording.  If you don’t want the video to start with the webcam, and instead want to start with the screen share, you can flip the view right before you create the video.

    In essence, if there's any chance you'd like to use your webcam in a video, you must select the webcam device before you start recording the video. 

  • Laura_Million
    Thanks for the quick reply.

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