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How to Install Snagit 2020 - Software Focus



  • SSA-Ed
    I installed it to my A:\ drive in less than 8 or 9 seconds, what kind of computer takes "up to 15 minutes"?
  • Robert R.
    Hi Ed;

    There are many instances where installing an application might take significant amount of time; something to consider is that Snagit's system requirements are actually quite low (Single-core processor, 1GB of RAM) and while many of us enjoy very powerful machines, that might not always be the case. A single-core processor, 2GB of RAM, integrated GPU (rather than discrete) and a 5400 RPM HDD would most certainly install slower than a quad-core CPU with 8GB of RAM, an integrated GPU, and an SSD and while the low-spec machine is uncommon, it is not necessarily all that rare.

  • Permanently deleted user
    My own PC is "okay". I have an i5 processor with 12Gigs RAM and a 5400 spin hard drive. I'd say it takes nearly 8 minutes or thereabouts to install on mine. 
  • Matthew
    Looks good!  For your next video you might consider playing around with pan and zoom so we can better see the focus of what you're talking about!  Also as a fellow Camtasia fan if you haven't already purchased it I'd really recommend getting the maintenance package because it'll give you access to the certification which I found really useful for learning the ins-and-outs and also getting some creative inspiration.

    Nice video though!
  • SSA-Ed

    Looks like there's no way to flag an inappropriate comment anymore. 

    Also , the original comment was from 10 months ago, as was my comment. NOT 22 days ago.

  • Noahpaul123874

    Thank you for providing a concise and informative guide on installing Snagit for Windows 10-based PCs. As an electric scooter enthusiast, I appreciate the "Back to Basics" approach, which simplifies the initial step for any Snagit 2020 user. The availability of a free 15-day trial ensures that users can explore the features and benefits of Snagit before making a commitment. By providing this easy-to-follow installation walkthrough, you've made it convenient for electric bike enthusiasts and users alike to capture and share their experiences seamlessly. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Happy capturing!

  • Marialopezjenifer321

    Thank you for sharing your "Back to Basics" video tutorial on installing Snagit 2020 (PC) and focusing on the free 15-day trial specifically for Windows 10-based PCs. As a tech enthusiast, I appreciate your effort in creating content that helps users get started with software.

    Installing Snagit is indeed an essential step for any user, and your tutorial provides valuable guidance for those who are new to the software or looking to explore its features. By offering a step-by-step walkthrough, you have made it easier for users to follow along and install Snagit successfully.

    The "Back to Basics" concept is an excellent approach, as it helps users build a solid foundation in understanding and utilizing the software effectively. It's always beneficial to revisit the fundamentals, even for experienced users, as it reinforces their knowledge and introduces newcomers to essential concepts.

    I'm glad you're considering creating more videos in this hopeful series, covering different software and their basics. Such content is invaluable to individuals who are venturing into the tech world or seeking to enhance their existing skills. It would be great to see you explore various software applications and provide clear instructions, tips, and tricks to empower users.


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