HEIC File Support



  • Rickstone1975
    Really? SnagIt is obsolete because of this?

    I was unfamiliar with this file type so I googled and the first thing listed in the results suggests that not even Windows knows what to do with this file type. 

    While I'm sure that SnagIt will eventually support it, I'm not convinced that SnagIt is in any kind of real danger here. ;)

  • bruce
    1. Windows 10 supports it via a file extension: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/heif-image-extensions/9pmmsr1cgpwg?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
    2. It is Apple's default picture file type - so how many hundreds of millions of users are taking pictures in this format?
    3. I will not be upgrading or subscribing for future Snagits products that don't support it.  The majority of my pictures are taken with an Apple device - I need to be able annotate and otherwise mark them up.  So I will be finding another tool that does.
  • Glenn Hoeppner

    I'm curious to know what your workflow is where this is broken?

    I was just playing around and I can take an Image from my iPhone, copy it to my clipboard and using Handoff create a new image in Snagit from the image on the clipboard.

  • Nicolas
    Thank you Glenn for your answer !

    I'm myself a Windows user at work. My iPhone pictures are automatically uploaded to OneDrive.
    Since OneDrive don't longer converts the pictures in jpg when uploading, I have all my pictures in heic format on my PC.

    My workaround was to buy the extension (0,99€) https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9NMZLZ57R3T7
    This is mandatory to open the heic files in Windows Photo :-(

    Then I can right-clik on the picture and paste it into a new snagit picture...

    Hoping this helps.
    Best regards,

  • Glenn Hoeppner
    Oh, I see. I quite stupidly assumed that everyone using an iPhone was also using a Mac. That makes a lot more sense to me. Thanks for clarifying.
  • Louis
    I'm using windows 10 Version 2004 OS Build 19037.1 (developer build) but this one is opening the HEIC file format in photo's without any problems or addons. So my guess is that Microsoft will add support for this file type in future builds on the main stream channel.

    Question still remains, when is TechSmith going to add the filetype support?

  • stephensterry853
    LOL, that's not a stupid assumption.
    To a certain degree.Apple has entrapped their customer base. They're making all their products user friendly with each other.
    Yet, not so much for the competition.
    Their a monopoly on steroids. IMOHO
  • RobertLewis
    I used a free program to convert HEIC to JPG (  iMazing-HEIC-Converter )
    until  I realized I could change the default iPhone type from HEIC to JPG in the Settings. 
    It did both for a while until I reset it to JPG again. ( Some glitch perhaps. )
  • elephas

    Thanks to 'Robert Lewis' for the excellent tip. Been into my new iphone and changed the camera and video settings in Formats to 'most compatible' which uses industry standard Jpeg and H264.


     I've used Snag It since the first version so this HEIC issue is actually a big issue for millions of people. Welcome to the real world.

  • tomas.dusek

    Now even Samsung uses HEIC format in default.
    It is becoming an issue.

  • blourie

    The fact that neither Snagit or Camtasia supports HEIC is nonsense. The claims are that these programs are industry leaders. However both programs fall way short of that mark (not only because of this shortcoming, but there is a list of other features these programs need to meet that mark.) But, this is just another example of the developer's (and Microsoft's) lapse in foresight.  This format needs to be added to the list of supported image formats for both programs. People are using their phones more to capture events and the HEIC format is becoming more the norm because of its advanced capabilities. We shouldn't have to convert images to JPG or PNG so we can use them in "Industry Leading" software.   

  • Mark Valente

    Here is a workaround but I completely agree that SnagIt should QUICKLY add HEIC support. The workflow from phone to OneCloud to the SnagIt Editor is common and broken. 

    The workaround for now is to find it in photos, click [Edit and Create] then [Edit] then [Save As]. The saved copy will be a .JPG but you can just right click the image in the MS Photo Editor and select [Open With] then select SnagIt. 

    It is 5 steps more than necessary and really frustrating, plus you wind up with an extra copy of the file as a .JPG but it works. 

  • mbg

    Agree that this is important. I am another iOS-plus-Windows user. I'm aware of workarounds but I often choose paid software over free software to reduce the number of workarounds I have to use.

    I can go via a free image editor to open HEIC, copy the image, and paste it into SnagIt Editor... but why wouldn't I just markup the image in the free editor? The answer is that SnagIt's markup tools are much better... but the fact remains that I can't do it all in SnagIt anymore.

    As others have said, .heic is now default on iOS and moving between iOS / Windows via OneDrive is complicated by SnagIt not supporting HEIC format.

  • Nicolas
    You can view and work with HEIF/.heic files in Photoshop on Windows by downloading and installing HEIF and HEVC codecs from the Microsoft Store :
    When will it be possible with Sangit ?
    1. HEIF Image Extensions is free.
    2. HEVC Video Extensions is less important and costs very few.
  • Rowby Goren

    Taking Robert Lewis' suggestion, I went into my Iphone    And in Settings, scrolled down to Camera, and clicked on Formats... And for Camera Capture I selected "Most Compatible".

    I'll revisit this issue in a year and hopefully by then perhaps it will be natively compatible in Camtasia.





  • Bob DeRosier

    I will add a similar use case- someone takes a picture using an iPhone and sends it to me and I am using Windows 10. It would make my life easier to be able to edit those images in snagit editor.   As it stands, I can't even view them - I had to send to an iPhone to see them.  


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