enabling windows HDR (windows display HD setting) creates blurry browser captures



  • BAC
    I have experienced the same problem.  Having to disable HDR to take a screenshot is a very clunky workaround.  Disabling it permanently creates a whole other set of issues.  Would be nice if this could be resolved. 
  • Bill Hoag
    We're sorry you're having this problem. We are researching this problem.
  • Nathan N
    Same here. HDR creates a washed out, very bright snapshot that looks nothing like whats on the screen.
  • bobrineer
    Same here. I have had my HDR monitor for over a year and I did not note the problem until recently.
  • sheldon.soong
    Open Chrome, and type this into the address bar: chrome://flags/#force-color-profile
    Change the setting to sRGB and it will resolve your issue.

    However, other HDR applications will suffer the same issue.
  • bobrineer
    Ok if you are using Chrome - I am using Edge Chrome and entering the address above does not provide that option. My experience is not blurry but way over exposed.
  • es

    I'm encountering a variety of this problem when trying to capture from a Google Chrome browser screen on a HDR-enabled monitor.  The Chrome capture is very bright and washed out compared to it on-screen.  I'm probably seeing what bobrineer has been seeing ("way over exposed).

    This problem does not occur with any other application (e.g., Firefox)

    When moving the Chrome window to a non-HDR monitor, colors don't change or become washed out.

    Has a resolution been found?


  • bobrineer

    I continue with the same issue - see my three month ago posting. Happens maybe 1 time out 10 in my primary Edge Chrome based browser - when I shift to Google Chrome and try the capture again, same result. Based on Erik's comment, seems like it is related to HDR?

  • freshjuice

    Same issue here. Need support for HDR.

  • vizzdoom

    I have this problem with very bright capturing also with video region capturing on HDR monitor. In fact, I can't capture videos via Snagit 2020 right now. 

    Snagit Team - when are you going to patch this? I have to go with refund way because I can't use your software right now.

  • Jonathan Morgan

    This has been a huge problem for me for over a year - any idea on when this is getting patched?

  • GGooden

    I am ALSO having this problem. Very frustrating.

  • Josh Way

    Yes, same here...Many websites washed out due to HDR. 

  • alfred.tow

    Hi, I'm experiencing the same thing with my pricey Dell monitor with HDR on. Please investigate.

  • Damien Breingan

    Hi. I'm afraid I'm having the same problems. It's making Snagit pretty much un-usable. So much so, I'm now using Windows Snip & Sketch. Very disappointing.


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