Cloud Collaboration on same Project File with multiple users



  • chris.swinney
    This is, unfortunately, terrible. There are posts that go back decades relating to relative file naming and network sharing. As far as I understand it, storing projects and media on network locations is not supported.

    There are some workaround, but IMHO they are poor. For example (and this is what I do), I use Dropbox and offline files, then I have to get colleague to run the "subst" command (well actually add a registry entry to make this permanent , otherwise a reboot will clear the setting) on a Windows machine to map a virtual drive letter to the DB folder. We then have to use make sure we use the virtual drive not the dropbox folder to create and save projects and media. Unfortunately, I have Mac colleagues and this will not work.

    The Camtasia way of potentially doing this is the export the project to a ZIP, then extract everything to a single location, but even this I don't think is properly supported for network location. Creating a folder structure is then almost pointless. 

    I understand this logic if we were still in the year 2000, but things have moved on a collaboration is now king. Camtasia still is not really designed for more that one person working on a project at any one time. 
  • wendy.wibbens

    I agree with Chris and Sohail - recently our team started using Camtasia more frequently for small, quick projects, and I was sure I would find a simple solution for storing and sharing project files in the Cloud. Now that I see this issue is longstanding and unresolved, our team will have to reconsider use of this fun tool. 

  • Jeffery Jensen

    Gord Isman did a video on this and they say you can edit camtasia in the cloud (dropbox, google drive) but they don't recommend it.

    I'm playing with using Office 365 - SharePoint to save Camtasia project files locally and then OneDrive syncs them with the cloud storage. It appears to me the collaboration only works if we are part of the same Office 365 group. So my workaround doesn't work if you are using subcontractors (audio guy, photographer, video editor, etc.) who outside of your company. I posted my workflow on my wiki - 

    This is really a big issue I wish TechSmith would resolve.


    Jeff Jensen

  • SC

    I agree with all of the above comments. This program needs to become easily collaborative and fast, or users are going to move elsewhere...we are already considering a move to a more collaborative software. 


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