SWF to MP4 conversion not working - any ideas on getting a usable format??



  • GaryBauer
    you might try Format Factory. Be cautious. It'll add a lot of crapware if you let it. Once it's installed, it should handle .SWF to .MP4
  • Paul Middlin
    I have not found any tools that can do the conversion. You have two options from what I could find:
    1. Use Camtasia Windows, which still can import the Jing SWF files and produce them out to an MP4
    2. Sign up for a Screencast Pro account before Jing's final retirement (date TBD still, sorry)- we've already run an (expensive) conversion on Pro users' content, but will be doing it one more time when we retire Jing.

    If we could afford to pay to convert the millions of free users' content for them, we would. Adobe's SWF retirement isn't our favorite thing to happen either ;)

    In the mean time, I strongly suggest you switch to TechSmith Capture ASAP. It's free, it records to MP4, you can still send to Screencast like Jing, and it has new features like webcam and system audio recording.
  • Glenn Hoeppner
    One more suggestion...it's not a great one, but I'll let you decide.  You can play the video back and record it with another tool like TechSmith Capture :)


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