Zoom and Pan for Mac



  • bishopmark
    I had the same annoyance/concern when I shifted from Camtasia for PC to Camtasia for Mac, but I've gotten over it. You can still zoom and pan, but there's a different procedure. Just add a custom animation to the video track, and in the Properties section, use the slider for Scale to zoom in or out. Then click-hold on the canvas and move the cursor to position things. There's probably a better explanation on the TechSmith site. I've come to like this procedure better than the PC process.

    By the way, although there were several things I had to relearn in the transition, the one that I still find annoying is with the Sketch Motion rectangle annotations. For the Mac, you have to press and hold the shift button while shaping them unless you want a square. 

    good luck
  • Cerah Hedrick
    Hello there, I think you might find that it's just called something different on a Mac. if you select your piece of media on the timeline (image or video) --> select the properties on the right and you will see the scale option. combine this with animations tool and you should have what you need.  
  • Amanda Kissinger

    Just switched jobs and moved from PC to mac, and the OP is correct: the pan and zoom thumbnail that was super helpful on the PC is not available on the mac version. And yes, you can still do pans and zooms like on the PC, but it requires many more steps (zooming the canvas in and out to see the reach the borders of the screen). I wish they would just format the mac version to operate like the PC version.


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