sync snagit between 2 computers



  • Raz1
    Similar requests have been made for years. TechSmith has ignored them all along. What else can I say?
  • Bill Hoag
    Thanks for the idea. I am passing it along to the team for consideration.
  • pedrocardoso
    Bill, please make this happen. It is criminal that this feature does not already exist.
  • JohnM
    Thanks @Bill!
  • kkimkimmail

    I have the same requirement!
    2 computers - one for my company, one for my client and i want to be able to see all of the screen captures in both snagit applications.
    The same snagit capture folder on both computers.

  • Kevin.Nikmaram

    Hi TechSmith Team,

    I can see this issues brought up frint by John, 8 month ago. Why there are no feedbacks? I say this because I have the same issue. But more important that people like me don't like "No Feedback" option. If you cannot make it, for any reason simply explain otherwise  no feed back will be interpreted as: " TechSmith to Customers' " We DoNOT CARE". Please reason and tell me I am wrong in that interpretations. I will be happy to know and learn, if I miss somehing?




    Feb 6, 2021 4:40 AM


  • Chris Larson

    Hi all,

    We definitely care about this and empathize with the problems you're having here between two computers. It's definitely something that we run into too.

    We're starting an investigation into this again and feel like we're in a good spot to make this a reality if all goes well. We can't promise anything yet, but we're investigating making this possible. Just not at a spot for anyone to try out just yet, but if you'd like to be included in a future beta. Just let me know here or you can email me at and I'll get you on a list for a future beta where we can try this out.

  • Nick

    I have the same situation.  One Machine at home most of the time that I work on in my office.  The other, a surface that I use primarily in the field.  Talking hundreds of screenshots at a time.  I thought I had an option thanks to OneDrive. Have both libraries sync to the same folder.  However, once a machine is synced to upload to that folder for the library, another machine will then create a subfolder "DataStore"  

    It "seems" like it could be a relatively simple solution to just save and pull from the same folder. I also know just about nothing about programing, sync and stability with programs, so I could be (and probably am) completely wrong.  


    Chris, I would not mind being on a future beta.

  • kkimkimmail  I'd be up for being a beta tester.  

  • Kevin.Nikmaram
    Hi Mr. Larson et al.
    I would like to try Betta version when available. 
    I think you must make that happen, because it is a matter of deliberate dedication to your customers, such as me,above,  and others, as well as your business sustainability.
    Always remember, although the world is in a big crisis since the beginning of so-called human civilization, however, it was like this, since the beginning and will be the same until all wiped out by human stupidity. Looks most likely it is designed to be like that. It is an unstable system. Watch "Space Odyssey", read  Fermi paradox if you need so you can understand better what I am talking about .
    At last, the point I am trying to make is: regardless of what you see on this corrupted planet, there is one thing which is genuine and real. and that is: so called by people LOVE. You read it "Intelligence". There are some intelligent people living on this universe  and they know a lot of things too. Please do not say that you do not promise to make this happen. Make it happen.Go out of your office , take a walk and think.You don't need to invent nothing . Models are there such as duet. 
    I welcome you to challenge me, if you find something to clarify.
    Kevin Nikmaram

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