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Knowmia does to play video frame by frame forward and backward. Is it possible to implement this feature.



  • Josh Holnagel
    Thanks for the suggestion, Ameez.

    Could you let us know which situations you think a frame by frame playback experience would help with? Maybe with camera, real-world, footage perhaps?
  • Ameez Mohamed
    I am a soccer technical video analyst for teaching referees to identify fouls and misconduct situations.

    For analysis of match situations, we need to see the contact point by pausing and playing the video frame by frame forward and backwards. And for the offside situations, we need to see the exact contact point when kicking the ball and the exact position of the attacker.

    Without playing the video frame by frame it is very hard to explain and to convince the correct decision when teaching to detect an offence or an offside situation.

    Knowmia interface is a good platform for education of soccer match officials, but this feature is very important for the analysis of match situations.

    I hope now you will understand the importance of this feature from our point of view and we hope this feature can be implemented in the near future.

    If this feature is implemented, I am more than happy to subscribe for an annual plan and I do hope my colleagues also will consider too.

    Thank you.


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