Skype lockup - copying/pasting from Snagit



  • James Barkwith
    I had a look on a clipboard viewer, and there is this {A87846A4-38CA-4be3-BDF1-71EF821EF333} part, which is not present when you do an Alt PrtScn to capture a window normally in windows. I am wondering if Skype somehow is not liking this format from Snagit anymore, or if something has changed.
    Alt PrtScn does not cause Skype to lag or lock up, no matter how many images you paste in. But when pasting in SnagIt copies, even if they are very small, eventually causes Skype to Lag and eventually then crash.
    Paste in an image from Snagit, the first one might be ok, then the 2nd might be ok, and get to say 5 and things start going slow. You can cant change chat groups/people easily, its completely bogged down. All triggered by the pasting of images in to one group from Snagit. It affects the whole of Skype.

    Its truly weird.
  • Cesar Augusto Ronchese

    Exactly same problem here. I always thought it was a Skype problem, but nobody I ask share this problem.

    Then I just noticed, it got slow right after I take a print screen via SnagIt and paste it direct to Skype.

  • Fabian Silva

    Exactly the same issue. At first i didn't know what triggers it, but with time it only happens with capturing print screen from skype. It recovers after turn off skype, and turn on again. 

    Is this a Snag It bug?

  • James Barkwith

    I have raised it with Techsmith and they seemed to point the finger at Skype, and nothing has been resolved. Its been doing this for me for months, and its now doing it for my colleagues around the world. Its a real problem. I have raised it as 'Report a Problem' in Skype itself, but no action. You guys might want to do the same to get more traction.

  • email

    Same issue.  It was happening earlier with Snagit and Chrome.  It's an issue with Snagit. 

  • James Barkwith

    Yeah I am still having the exact same problems myself, nothing has changed.


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