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  • Daniela

    I'm just getting to know the new forums and have a question: Will there finally be a way to easily report spam posts like this recent one ( And I mean without having to write an e-mail like suggested in the Code of Conduct. Because, in my eyes, for regular users like me, that's more hassle than a spam post is worth.

  • Graphicious

    Sorry to complain, but the new forums don't look like an improvement to me ... yet.

    Maybe you're working on it, or whatever.

    In the meantime, will it be possible again to receive notifications in the email, of new questions/posts?

    I came here because I realised I hadn't gotten any notification in a long time.

    Thanks. Please fix things soon. This is not enjoyable.

  • Robert R.

    Hi Cristi!

    We are indeed still working on it; circumstances beyond our control forced a lightning-fast switch to a new platform/design and we're still working on things, so the feedback is super appreciated. As to receiving notifications, you can indeed! See step six in this post and you'll be able to follow just the categories and types of content that you want (rather than the catch-all notifications found in the old forums).



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