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Jing Warning - Jing's not really sure what happened error??



  • Official comment
    Robert R.

    Hi there!

    This error is caused by the retirement of Jing, and the API used with Jing is no longer working. If you are receiving either of these error (click here to see error messages) messages you will no longer be able to use Jing.

    We remain committed to offering a free solution because we are passionate about making it easy for anyone to capture and share knowledge visually. But, we feel that the best long-term approach to achieving our mission with a free offering is to build a new product from the ground up. The new recorder can be downloaded below. The recorded videos will be stored in Screencast (Free or Pro) or Knowmia. This new screen recorder has many advantages over Jing video including the following.

    • Modern MP4 video format
    • Webcam recording
    • Longer videos
    • Recording computer audio

    Download TechSmith Capture

    Check out some help materials below:

  • Robert R.

    Hi there!

    Are you referring to the error message found in this support article?


  • Rich

    Jing displays error message of not sure what happened.

    I uninstalled and re-installed, but same problem.

    Running Windows 7

  • aromanko

    Thank you,  Robert.

    I'm a softwear tester so I used to use Jing for screenshots and was absolutely delightful with its opportunity to select any color I want with any opacity I need. Will it be represented in TechSmith Capture? I really-really need this function.

  • amomin

    I really liked the older version jing,,, we used to capture multiple with new we cannot do multiple you have to close previous on..


  • Paul_van_de_Veen



    Asmany users, I really like classic Jing. It is easy to keep it working. Prevent Jing to access internet and voilá. You are still able to make perfect screencaptures. 

    But when I install Jing on a different computer it already ask to sign in during the install.
    Without internet access I can't install.
    With internet access I get the "Api" message and can't proceed either. 

    So, how to install Jing?


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