Screenshots taken with Capture...



  • Paul Middlin

    Good question-

    no, currently your captures are not stored anywhere else unless you share them via Knowmia or Screencast. Then they would be stored in the cloud. But otherwise, they are only where you share them, for now.

    We're looking into holding on to your recent captures with TechSmith Capture. In the mean time, if you need a product that stores all of your captures, I'd recommend that you try out Snagit. It has a library that automatically tags your captures so you can search/filter them by what app or website you were capturing, date, etc.

  • justedges1

    Thank you for this full and informative response.

    Much appreciated.

  • dutra.susana24

    Having the ability to store our captures is essential.  It would be appreciated if all the functionalities that came with Jing would transfer to over Capture.

    I believe upgrading to a new product should give you more functionalities, not less.

    Hopefully, it will be added back in the near future...

    Thank you.


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