Recording time limit on TechSmith Capture for iPad



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  • Paul Middlin

    Hi kpetko, 

    Unfortunately, we can't do anything about the 20 minute time limit. We don't want to have a time limit, but the short version of the story is that Apple only gives us 5 short seconds to "wrap up" the recording when it's over. If you record more than 20 minutes, it takes too long to finish the recording up when you hit stop, and then you lose the whole thing. While we're trying to get them to work with us on that, they haven't been very helpful.

    So, your options are to either:

    1. Keep doing what you're doing- break your lessons up into parts
    2. Try recording with the iPad directly, then bring the recording into Capture afterward
    3. Plug it into a MacBook and record it with Camtasia

    I'm sorry for the struggle this has caused you.


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