Cannot upload pictures to Screencast using Capture.



  • Paul Middlin

    Hm, I'm not sure what might be causing that, so I'll throw out some guesses to try:

    1. Try going to and logging in, to make sure everything is OK there
    2. Try logging out of Capture and logging back in?
    3. Make sure it's not being blocked by your firewall/antivirus software?
  • Valerie A Salyer

    I have tried to follow all of these steps in addition to uninstalling and reinstalling TechSmith Capture. I am still receiving the error reported by another user above 7 months ago. Is there still no understanding as to why this is happening?

  • Robert R.

    Hi Valerie A Salyer

    Can you please navigate to and verify that you can log in and that you have storage & bandwidth available?

    Are you running an antivirus, antimalware, or internet security suite?

    Are you attempting to use TechSmith Capture on a work, public, or personal internet connection?

    It may be best if we open a support ticket to look into this for you; would you like me to open one?



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