Make the UI/UX less frictionless?



  • Brommers76

    Agree with this - it feels hugely clunky for my use compared to Jing. There are some things I should be able to configure in preferences so that:

    1: When I upload to Screencast I want to be told it was successful and the URL to be copied to my clipboard but then for the dialogue to go away after a few seconds (most of the time I don't want to do anything further other than paste the URL into another application).

    2: I don't want the Capture box to appear after - I will use the keyboard shortcut the next time I need to capture anything.

    It seems like some (not useful for me) features that have been introduced break the flow which is the very thing that made Jing great.



  • G.Stoynev

    I agree with both of you and will add to these "wishes". I got greenshot pre-installed on my corp workstation and got used to practically no-click screen captures - you activate the capture cross-hair using a keyboard shortcut and once you drag and finish the captured area selection, a context menu appears, takes focus and lets you select things among which is "copy to clipboard".

    Unfortunately Capture is not usable as it is for me, I hope you change it


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