Did the new Capture tool Remove the Capture History?




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    Robert R.

    Hi IrynaP

    We recently posted an update on TechSmith Capture's history over in our Jing Retirement/TechSmith Capture FAQ. We'll be posting updates to that specific thread.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  • derrickmoyer87

    Agree 100%.  Capture, Copy, Paste, and it's saved in History.  Need to know if this is an upcoming feature!

  • Paul Middlin

    Capture does not have this feature yet, so yes you'd need to save it. We do plan to work on a way to reference your recent captures.

    If you need a solution now, or if you take a lot of captures and want to reference them from a long time ago, I strongly recommend you try out Snagit. Its capture Library automatically tags your captures for you so you can search for them by what app/website you were capturing, date, type, etc. If you just need something from 5 minutes ago, it's not that big a deal. But if you want something from 2 months ago, it's a life-saver!

  • hvoncannon

    Hey Paul,


    Thanks for the response, I look forward to that feature being added to Capture.

  • Carrie Carmichael

    I'm confused by this comment: "We do plan to work on a way to reference your recent captures." The previous version of Jing had this, so why does it have to be "worked in" now? The programming for it existed in the previous tool. I received notifications that Jing was being updated for literally months, when in fact it wasn't updated at all. It was downgraded. There aren't new features; there are significantly less features. And now you are recommending a paid tool as a replacement instead? Sounds like this is just a way to make everyone transition to the paid version-Snagit-by making Capture as minimal as possible. I'm more and more disappointed the more I use Capture.

  • j.fenton

    Hi Carrie,

    Unfortunately it's more complicated than just being able to yoink an existing feature from Jing code and put it into Capture; if we were able to do that, we would have continued to maintain Jing. Unfortunately we weren't able to do so, which is why we're replacing Jing with Capture.

    Obviously there are some differences between Capture and Jing, some of which are quite painful (not having a hovering widget, like the Sun, not having history, etc). We're aware of the pain those issues are causing and we're working to address them, but this takes time and resources.

    While there are some things "missing", Capture also has capabilities that Jing never did: Webcam recording, a modern video format, and no 5 minute recording limit, to name a few. We intend to continue working on Capture as well, bringing more features and improvements to it continuously.

    As for Snagit, there are some uses cases where Snagit is more well-suited than Capture or Jing. For example, the Snagit library remembers which apps a screencap is of, supports tagging captures, and other features that are incredibly useful for those people who want a searchable archive of past captures. We aren't purposefully limiting Capture to drive people to Snagit, but we do intend to keep Capture as light-weight as we can without sacrificing usability. That means while we're working on solving the problems caused by lacking history, we likely aren't going to re-invent Snagit's library, and as such folks who're looking for powerful long-term capture history will likely be better off looking at Snagit than whatever solution we bring to Capture (though we're still working through what that solution will look like).

    We apologize for the frustrations you have. We're continuing to work on Capture, and do hope that upcoming updates will help to address the shortcomings you see in it.

  • joseph.blakeney

    Sadly, release doesn't have history yet, but super excited to hear it is planned and being worked on!  I'm not concerned about the hovering sun (neat, but I'm fine with opening from the taskbar).  But the Jing history was super useful when needing to reuse a previous snap or open and make minor edits.  Please keep Capture lean, but a simple history would ROCK!  Thanks, TechSmith, for actively listening to your user's experiences, concerns, and suggestions on a free tool!

    For those of you who rely upon screen captures for releasable content, I would suggest trying SnagIt.  It's been years since I've tried it (changed positions and my current job doesn't require that advanced a tool), but we have several people in our company who rely upon it and love it.  I didn't know you could search history by the app that was screen captured...  that is pretty spiffy.  Will have to let others know about that feature.

  • Tiffer

    I agree with these comments, I really want the sun back and the history.  I will have to look for other free alternatives until Capture is as good as Jing was.

  • IrynaP

    Yes, history is definitely something I miss most of all. Hope, you can prioritize it to release in the nearest future,

    Thanks, TechSmith for doing a great job.


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