JING is not working for me




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    Robert R.

    Hi waqar1243 and thanks for stopping by the TechSmith User Community Forums;

    The issue you're running into is likely due to Jing being retired on July 14, 2020. You can read up some details on Jing's Retirement here and here.


  • waqar1243

    So, it will never back for our use?

  • Robert R.

    Hi waqar1243;

    That is correct; we do not intend to bring Jing back. We are working to improve our free offering, Capture, which you can learn about here.


  • Laura

    I'm sorry you took out the little sun. It was very useful to always have it next to the PC screen. Much better than the new solution.
    Why change when things are going well? Sorry is my opinion

  • rjlam3491

    Wow, years of screen captures just wiped out. Thanks for the warning. I had dozens of captures and now I have 3 left. Now that is an example of real security. The hackers have nothing on you guys. I can't believe that you just systematically deleted captures for any reason without at least notifying those who have been using Jing for years.  At least we may have been able to save them ourselves someplace else. If I have to use one of your NEW products I will but if I can find any other product that will accomplish the same result I will use it instead. Maybe you can name the next version " Here Today and Gone Tomorrow."  And You didn't even save the old ones in a server somewhere, Unbelievable. Nuff Said.



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