A question about the default 'Centered' alignment and other text format changes in the 'Callout' text tool...



  • HRicardo

    Yes - an option for left alignment for the callout text would be preferred

  • Doug Troxell

    Bold, Italic, etc - under consideration.

    Default text alignment - if you assume the ability to change alignment...  and Capture remembered the alignment you used last, and made it the default for the next callout you created, would that meet your needs?


  • HRicardo

    The ability to change the alignment and then have it become the default would be great!

  • jorismeys

    Doug Troxell : It would be already a great help if alignment could be stored in a theme. Right now I can choose the font, but that's about it. If a theme could also store the default alignment, using themes would solve much of the trouble.


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