Please add a feature to create custom image templates for Snagit.



  • rmacbeth

    I also would like to be able to create my own template to fit my needs for both Mac and Windows. (I use Mac base most of the time)

  • hjoelr

    Agreed. This is the next logical feature that would be very useful.

  • Georgina Christodoulou

    I agree. The ability to create my own stylised templates would be very useful.

  • smarquina

    Spent valuable time looking for this only to discover it's not available. Really? Sigh...disappointed :-(

  • Lindsey

    Agreed - If I am creating a user guide for any purpose, I always need to have it branded.

    Other similar suggestions:

    • Automatically apply our Theme colors to template
    • Allow saving and reusing templates
    • Option to default to full image sizes instead of cropped.
    • Option to create custom standard elements (headers/footers, logo, etc.) so they can be easily added at the beginning

    Just an example:


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