Where are my videos stored?



  • Paul Middlin

    From the development team:

    The videos that are recorded by TechSmith Capture (iOS) are stored in the iOS app. They remain there in the library of the iOS app until they are manually deleted from the app's library view, or until the app is deleted.
    There are a couple wrinkles here to be aware of.
    • After sharing to Camtasia, a copy of the video will exist in Camtasia as well.
    • If the user manages to set up the global "Screen Recording" button in the Control Center of their iOS device and they are initiating recordings from their Control Center, then it is possible for them to select Apple's recorder (which is called "Photos") and record videos directly into the camera roll. That kind of video is not stored in the Capture app.
    If our app is installed, it also shows up in the global recorder list underneath Apple as a "TechSmith Capture" option that can be selected instead of selecting "Photos". (You have to firmly press down on the global Screen Recording button to see this menu.)
    If the user is interested in always recording videos into the Capture library, the easiest way to avoid confusion is to always use the record button that is inside the Capture app. That record button is hard-wired to record into the Capture library. (Since the user mentions sharing to Camtasia, I'm guessing they may already be doing this.)
    So, your videos will be safe in Camtasia.
    If you also want the originals, you are right- changing your iPad or deleting the Capture app could cause you to lose your videos. If you get a new iPad, backup and restore all your data to the new one.
  • Paul Middlin

    Oh, and also- if you want to copy a video from the Capture library into your Photos library for safe keeping, you can select Share -> More... -> Save Video.


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