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math in quizzes



  • Benjamin Rhodes

    Hello Celes,

    I see that you posted this question a while ago.  However I've recently had some time to do some experimentation around what you are asking for in this post.  If you are still interested in this, I have a few questions about how you would like to author these questions.

    1. Have you used other software to generate math equations before?
    2. If yes, are you familiar with using text markup like LaTeX or Tex to use math symbols with other text?

    My current approach would allow the author is use LaTeX markup in the Camtasia quiz editor.  Then when they render the video out the TechSmith Smart Player would be able to display the quiz questions correctly in the browser.  Below is just a simple screenshot of the current result.

    I'd like to get feedback if this would be a useful addition or if people are not comfortable using special markup to build there math questions?


  • stacy.erb

    I would like for students to br able to have fill in the blank answers where they can type math especially exponents but other things such as square roots, cube roots, etc.


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