Playing Back conversations



  • Paul Donahue

    Hi Ronald,

    A good place to start is the tutorial we have about conversations:


    The conversation is what you would share to your audience (vs. just a standard video share link.) Within that conversation you can leave comments at various points along the timeline of that video.

    One use case that is popular is for the content owner to add some comments to the conversation at various points in the video before sharing the link. This helps to spur discussion at these points in the video.


  • Ronald Berman

    HI Paul, thank you for your response.  Yes, I guess it is possible for the content owner to leave comments in various points in the video.  However, when creating a conversation, is it possible for the title of the conversation to automatically appear in the right-hand column.  This would save time in development and would help users reply to the specific conversation.


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