Issues with Camtasia 2020.0.7 Build 24015 Win



  • GingerBread

    Theres a 1982 movie. The World According to Garp.

    Garp and his wife or fiancé are viewing a home.  A small plane crashes into the side of the house before them.

    Garp processes the event and states he’ll take the house. It’s a Pre-Disastered home he says. The chances of another plane hitting the home is astronomical.

    If you search topics in this forum like.

    Recording and playback stuttering.

    Video wont fully render.

    It will expose a long history of these shortcomings.

    Chose different search criteria to learn more.


    Is it unfair to infer a plane crashed into TechSmith?

    There are inherent problems that date back several versions. Camtasia 2020 is merely an extension of these shortcomings.Its as if the plane is embedded and cannot be removed.

    Some members transcode media before starting a project. They’ve learned for their situation. Its required to achieve smooth playback.

    Some edit until Camtasia becomes unstable.

    As cuts and standard edits add up. Camtasia will become sluggish and unstable. Some commit to the edited portion of their project. Rendering the edited portion to mp4 or avi.  

    Replacing the once editable portion of the project with the video.

    This would fall under the category of destructive video editing to most.

    Free to inexpensive programs outperform Camtasia.

    I like to think TechSmith will get a handle on this one day.

    I realize this may sound like I’m bashing Camtasia.

    Whose fault is that actually? The customers or the buggy software ?

    The members posts speak for themselves.

    Enjoy the day


  • ehorwitz

    Well said, GingerBread. And loved the movie. Thanks for the reminder.

  • kmccu006

    That answer is quite clever, but ultimately not very satisfying. It basically says "Yeah, you spent a bunch of money and the program just doesn't work ... figure out how to work around it yourself." 

    I grabbed a screen capture of some video with Snagit (the sister program). Imported it into Camtasia to do a few little swizzles, and it will not render. It hangs at 99.9%. I just tried it again. Used Snagit to capture video from part of the screen. Shared it directly to Camtasia from Snagit, and attempted to render it (really just an mp4 to mp4 with no changes). Hung at 99.9%.

    That should lay to rest any argument that the video imported could be the source of the problem. Techsmith program records the video and sends to a Techsmith program that can't render it. (Snagit had no problem saving it in mp4 format).

    So I imported the same video into Kdenlive (you know, the free program?), made the changes I wanted, and wrote out a rendered mp4 in a matter of minutes.

    This has not happened for a single video I've done where I've captured screen, whiteboard and webcam in Camtasia. Not enough data points to draw any other conclusions.

    Coming after my experience yesterday where I couldn't share to YouTube because there's apparently a cap on the upload API, and there's no message that says that, I'm not particularly happy.

  • kayakman

    I could not reproduce your issue with capturing video with Snagit, and sharing/producing in Camtasia; just did a short test and all worked fine

    recommend you contact tech support about your problem; perhaps they can assist

  • kmccu006

    I did. I opened a ticket last night. If I were going to bet, I'd bet on a wonky codec on my computer, and they'll suggest I upgrade something.

  • DavidRisley

    So, has anybody had better luck with earlier versions?

    I'm about ready to pull the trigger and just get a refund on Camtasia. This software holds a lot of promise, but is very unreliable. Almost everything I try to do with it gives me some issue or another. Yet, I can switch back to Screenflow on the Mac and it is FLAWLESS. I seriously don't have the time nor inclination to fight something I spent $249 on.


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