Unable to record system audio on macOS Big Sur




  • Brooks Andrus

    We license system audio recording capabilities from a third party vendor. Typically they don't deliver any support for macOS betas. I'd expect we won't having anything available until right around the official launch window. 

  • Kevin Major

    Brooks Andrus - understood ... but would be great if you set up some options for users to help with testing your next fix for Mac OS Betas ... would love to provide feedback while being able to continue to work. Please let us know.

  • lauragayle

    Same here (willing to test). Thank you for your consideration!

  • 6ru5xjwc2y

    Just installed the Release version on macOS Big sur (11)


    - Also not able install the System Audio Plugin now. Fails with the same error as original post!

  • RobLu

    Same for me please update the System Audio Plugin.

  • stephen_hall

    Add me to the list! Please update this. It looks like this was a known issue during BETA so why hasn't it been fixed for launch??

  • Trevor Andrew

    HI There,

    Well, that comment about "won't having anything available until right around the official launch window" is looking a bit shaky given we now already have the "gold" Big Sur installed, and this is still an issue - no more Beta - it's live. Is this going to be fixed soon? Getting exactly the same behaviour as described above.

    Every method I use to try and force installation, from preferences, at the point of trying to record, wherever you can potentially initiate installation, fails.

    Hoping this gets sorted soon, because I use this option most of the time!

  • scheef

    Hi folks,

    hopefully this get fixed soon considering that this is one of the key features.

    All the best



  • anand_mca_in

    Yes please this is very important features, need to record the system audio.

  • dajs

    Yes please. this is a very important capability that I use daily and it not working since Big Sur installation. Please fix ASAP

  • erik

    It is not working on Big Sur. Please fix this otherwise what is the point of using Camtasia.

  • Dan Gorgone

    Adding my name to this list too - just upgraded and I have no system audio either.

    Please help, thanks!

  • dlperdigao

    Please add me to the list of those who cannot record system sound since Bi Sur upgrade, using Camtasia. Error message is the same as reported above by other people.

    Please send fix a.s.a.p. as I also need this on a daily basis.


  • KevLawr


  • jlocketz

    Add me too! Help!!!

  • nandapm

    Same here! The System Audio Plugin fails to install on macOS Big Sur 

  • Anthony Navarro

    Well, that just sucks... It is ESSENTIAL that I have system audio recording and at least you guys should have sent a tech bulletin to us saying "Before you upgrade to Big Sur be aware that you won't be able to record system audio." I would have gladly waited...

    In fact, in the article below, you IMPLY that audio DOES work in 2019-2020 and upgrading will allow you to do so. That's a bit misleading. 

    Please fix ASAP...



  • ewatt

    I wish I would have checked the board before updating to Big Sur... Glad I edited my video yesterday before updating... 

  • ogbo the great

    Having exactly the same system audio problem. Just upgraded to Big Sur...

    This is urgent, Techsmith!

  • David Pavao

    I too just upgraded to Big Sur 11.0.1 Production Release and can't load the system audio.  Need to get this fixed quickly please :)

    Please let me know when it's available for download.

  • gdeitz

    The only workaround that I have found requires the installation of SnagIt.  The SnagIt program installs the necessary audio components correctly and then is used by Camtasia.  

    If you already have Snagit Version 2021.0.2 installed and it is not working, in the settings uninstall the audio component and re-install it.  A reboot may be necessary.  

    I am not sure if you can get this component by downloading their trial version or not, but it has been the only method for me to get system audio.  It might help a couple of people.

  • frankbrannon992

    just upgraded to Bog Sur and cannot get audio to work in 2021.  Help!

  • erik

    Yesterday I upgraded to Mac's Big Sur and System Audio capture in Camtasia is not working anymore. Seeing all these comments it is not working for anybody. I filed a ticket at Techsmith support but no answer yet, maybe they are sleeping?

    Somebody suggested to install Snagit, so I downloaded a trial and installed and tried it. After this the system audio component capture still dit not work (you cannot install it).

    Somebody suggested to use Screenflow. This works, I can now capture with system audio again.

    It is a pity, I really liked Camtasia. It always worked great that is why I bought it. But now I am moving to Screenflow. Farewell Camtasia...



  • jeo92109

    You've lost Erik as a customer above, and I'm next.  I have a project I need to complete and no system audio plugin to allow me to record system audio.... you've got hours before I have to switch products.

    Oh and my maintenance agreement is about to be renewed so that's $$$ down the drain...  please hurry.  I like Camtasia but I like to earn $$$ MORE!



  • wayneconklin

    COME ON TECHSMITH!!  I can't record system audio and I need it NOW!!  Fix this or you will lose me as a customer.  I will need to find an alternative free trial of a competitor so I can get my work done tonight. Frustrating to say the least!  You should have seen this coming!

  • jeo92109

    Here’s the response to my tech support request


    Paul J. (TechSmith Support)

    Nov 16, 2020, 3:50 AM EST




    Thank you for contacting TechSmith Technical Support.

    I'm sorry for the trouble you are having. This is a known issue that we hope to fix in a future release. 

  • Oliver B. Fischer

    Hi, I got the following link from TechSmith to install a working System Audio Capture Component:


    First I had to uninstall the the installed one and then to install the new one. After authorizing the component, I was able to record the system audio output.

  • Dan Gorgone

    Got the same link Oliver did - it works!

    When I opened the System Audio Installer, I clicked Authorize first, but could not find a way to authorize it in the System Prefs. So like Oliver, I uninstalled, then immediately reinstalled it. This must have given the proper authorization on the Mac because after a restart, I could record system audio again in Camtasia.

  • David Pavao

    Same as Dan!  How do you authorize in System Preferences?  I need my audio to be reworking.  Removed and reinstalled, attempted to reinstall the audio component and still no resolution.  There was an update this morning, but that didn't fix it either (2021.0.2).  When are we going to have an ETA for the resolution of the problem.

  • Trevor Andrew

    Hi All,

    Not sure if this is relevant, BUT, something in what Oliver said triggered me to try something else. I had also been sent the link to the "fixed" audio component. Even when you haven't installed this latest version - i.e. you have the old broken one installed - and prior to authorisation - you have to use the uninstall button on this newly distributed fix I found. THEN, install again, Then authorise, and sure enough in the Security and Privacy dialog you get asked if you want to allow this new extension from Techsmith. That was the only way I could get the "authorisation" process for this new version to work. So I'm not sure if you have to, but this is the sequence I used:

    - Install patched version - could not get it Authorized ???

    - Uninstall - which I assume uninstalls the broken one

    - Install - patched version again

    - Authorize - patched version via Security and Privacy which is now recognised and allowed

    But that's order I did it in ... and it's working

    Not a very smooth process at all, and an awful way to distribute an interim fix, BUT, a workaround, and sure enough, I now have working system audio. So that's why I thought it worthwhile adding that information here.




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