Consant crashes- lose work. Need to make a better product!!



  • Fuad Muslic

    Absolutely! I insert a new video (50%), or change the zoom size (70%) or open 2 documents (100%) ... Crash

  • Andrew

    I've been facing the same issue since yesterday when my project won't open and Camtasia just crashes. I downloaded it from the site again, but still keeps crashing. Lot's of hours of work seems to have been lost. Now my old projects also don't open.

    Every time I try and open a project, Camtasia hangs or crashes.

    Any help team?

  • Helen Fream

    My support ticket has been open for over a month now and I'm still waiting for them to find a resolution that actually works. I've been told on different occasions that it's my fault due to the fact I have two monitors, an external hard drive, occasionally connect to my company's VPN and so on. They're not taking responsibility for having software that doesn't work!! I have lost so many hours of work and there is no urgency with them trying to fix it!

  • ImmyTrader

    It's happend to me many times. and now I just lost 4 hours of recoding and editing... the Project file just got corrupted. Can't even find the recording... I've spet probably over 1000 USD on this program over the last few years. It's good when it works. but crashes too often... comparitively OBS or Xsplit records better videos. Just record them in that and then probably edit it in this... but then again, you can use other software to edit... SUCKS you people... at Techsmith... 


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