Thumbnail images keep reverting back to previous image



  • Rick Stone

    Hi there

    Perhaps try clearing your browser cache?

  • kevinvholloman

    This is 100% cache.
    What is cache?
    Cache memory is temporary storage designed to speed up website loading. It works by storing static files in the computer's memory. This reduces the number of requests sent to the web server that contains the actual files and instead downloads them from local storage. Hence, when caching elements such as HTML, CSS, JS, and images, the browser drastically cuts down on time and resource usage.
    What is Cached Data?
    Cache is the term used to describe temporary storage. Thus, cached data is a collection of items stored in the cache store. Whenever the browser requests a file, it first checks to see if the resource is available locally. If the searched object is not found, the browser sends a request to the appropriate web server and stores it as cached data depending on the file type.
    What happens when you clear the cache?
    Clearing the cache removes all data stored in temporary storage. As a result, after clearing the entire cache the first time you connect to the site, it will take additional time to access. This is because the resources cannot be recovered locally.
    Why do I need to clear the cache?
    Files collected in the cache take up quite a lot of disk space over time. This browser can run slower than usual and use additional resources. Except for obsolete resources in the cache. For example, there may be a problem with viewing changes and updates made recently to the site. I have this a lot when I try to rewrite essay online. Thus, clearing the cache from time to time can help prevent this kind of behavior.
    How to clear cache on desktop computers
    Clearing the cache is relatively straightforward for mobile desktop browsers. Let's see how you can do this on the most popular ones.
    How to clear Google Chrome cache
    1. Go to the side menu and open the History ›History section.
    2. Select the Clear browsing data (Clear cache) setting.
    3. Select a time span. If you want to delete all content select All Time.
    4. Mark which elements are to be deleted - cache, cookies, history.
    5. Click the Clear Data button.
    Then I think everything should be fine.


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