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Tired of reading manuals and help forums to get software to do simple things



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    Robert R.

    Hi Ludwig and sorry to hear of your struggles with Snagit; I do understand the frustration and hope to alleviate some of the struggles you're running into as it may help community members in the future.

    To address a few of the items in your post:

    • Snagit 2020 does have an All-in-One capture method; you'll want to make sure your capture settings haven't been changed / altered on accident and to do that you'll want to open the Snagit Capture window and make sure you're on the "All-in-One" capture method, see:
    • From there you may want to reset the actual capture profile just in case something is still off a little bit, and to do that you'll hit the Reset button just to the upper-right of the red "Capture" button, see:
    • Regarding the upgrade process; you shouldn't be losing any items in the Snagit Library during an update (from Snagit 2020.0.0 to Snagit 2020.1.4) and while you shouldn't be losing Library items when you do a Snagit Upgrade (from Snagit 2019 to Snagit 2020), I could see potential issues if you're storing your Library on an external hard drive or in a cloud-synced folder. Have you moved your library to a custom location?
    • Note that when you uninstall Snagit you are prompted to Keep or Delete Files; if you select "Delete Files" then it will remove your library items for all versions, see:
    • With regard to the App/Roaming/Techsmith Database; to confirm, are you backing up your Snagit Library via the Backup option found in the Snagit Editor's Preferences? If you're tinkering with the %localappdata%\TechSmith\Snagit directory then it sounds like we may need to improve discoverability of the Backup/Restore feature for the Library, as this should make things far easier if you need to move libraries or would like to keep periodic backups of the Library (I'll be sure to pass that feedback along). See:

    Again, I'm sorry for the struggles that you're running into with Snagit and hope that some of the above information is helpful. You're welcome to reach out to me at if you have any further questions or concerns.


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