ability to block screencast site



  • Paul Middlin

    Hi, could you tell us a bit more about your enterprise deployment? Are you talking about TechSmith Capture or another product?

  • AdminNerd

    Also looking at this and testing it out for our environment but sadly there is no way to do this and for us no way to also save the videos locally so we are looking at another free promising solution. If you find a way please post back as we do like capture as it's clean, fast and simple.


    Edit: Sadly as there wasn't a response and seems the support team (from my talks) aren't to keen on doing this and/or saving video locally we are going with the free solution in our environment. Hopefully this will change and in the near future we can use Capture with-in our environment. Until then good luck to the team and hopefully see Capture grow into something of itself,


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